Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm glad that I packed a la Elizabeth Taylor...

Landing at SFO requires looking at a lot of water before one lands. A lot of water. Otherwise known as the San Francisco Bay. Beautiful, yet a bit unnerving to see the water, so much of it, laid out under you. Especially when it's been so... long since I've flown solo. Years. Could it be over 15 years? Surely not. But, it is... I don't think I've taken a solo trip since I met my husband. Or else that once solo life is so far behind me that all I can see are wisps of smoke.

I am here in San Francisco! First items bought after exiting the plane: a pink vitamin water labeled "Fuel" and a bottle of extra-strength pain medication -for the super deal of $9.99. Also counting as lunch. Breakfast was a few handfuls of trail mix. I was that excited. I'm hoping the drink and extra-strength pain medicine will ward off the toxins of an overly chatty plane passenger who sat behind me - regaling all of us as she giggled teenage like at everything her companion of 5 minutes uttered. I'm all in favor of flirting, but somehow a giggly 35 year old at extra volume uttering phrases..."well, like... and this...and I was like..." sends me over the edge. Valley Girl ad nauseam without the teenage angst. Thank GOD it was a short flight! And as if the giggles and LOUD TALKING weren't enough, she just had to get on that cell phone while we were waiting to exit the plane to let her friend know that she had landed in "Frisco." According to people who live here, that "nickname" alone is enough to send someone out to Alcatraz. Yes, it is now closed, but that's beside the point.

Then things seemed to move smoothly. My bag was not lost and I found the shuttle bus waiting area. All appeared good. Until the man who caused the overly eager female plane passenger to giggle showed up at my shuttle bus waiting area. Yes. He. Did. And announced he was going to the same hotel. Oh. Yes. I was beginning to panic that he was attending BlogHer '08, but then was able to sigh rather loudly when he announced into his cell phone that he was in SF for another function all together. God is good.

The air is cool and the wind gusty here in San Francisco. I'm glad that I packed a la Elizabeth Taylor, because I have an array of outfits - some warmer than others. The hotel is gorgeous and the lobby is covered with bloggers in every corner. I am told there are 1,000 of us here for the BlogHer conference. You can feel the energy, the excitement of all of these people (mostly women) brought together by passion. A passion born of writing. To blog or not to blog...there is never a question.

I've been lucky enough to spend the last couple of hours with Kellan from On the Upside. She is just as nice and down to earth as you could imagine. Plus, she has a sexy voice. So, don't let her fool you. Sexy voices are definitely ON THE UPSIDE. She and I have been handing out our cards left and right, meeting friendly people, and eating stinky cheese. I like this lady!

My roommate Meghan from A Mom Two Boys just arrived a bit ago. If you could bottle ADORABLE, it would be her. I believe I'm old enough to be her mother. She looks 12. Damn it!

It is a bit odd to have the stage curtain to your blog lifted up for all to I've decided to introduce myself as JCK. I like the fit of it. I've grown fond of JCK. I could introduce myself by my first name, and I'm certainly not opposed to sharing that information, but I'm not sure I want to let go of JCK. The moniker JCK has given me an identity other than wife and mother. I like it. I love being a wife and mother. But, being JCK is the writer that I'm becoming. And that feels like a little treasure tucked just under my heart.

I did bring the fishnets. We'll see if they stay in the suitcase...

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  1. Bring out the fishnets! Bring out the fishnets!

    Hope you have a great time.

  2. Cool with gusty winds? I don't understand!

    Wish I was there, too! Have a great time and keep us posted (pun intended) when you can. :-)

  3. I can't wait to read more about this! I vote yes for fishnets!

  4. Can't wait to hear more!!!

    Have a GREAT time!! Or "Like a great time...ya know"

  5. The longer I know about the BlogHer conference the more distant it seems... I'm glad you're having a good time.

    How does one pack like Elizabeth Taylor?

  6. Can i say you are one brave chick? 'cos I would never dare to sit in a plane without someone whom I know...

    I've grown to love you as JCK, infact, I like it so much, it never cross my mind to ask what's your real name....unlike many others, whom I've come to know...hmmmm...

    have loads of fun!

  7. Keep posting these great updates - I love all the little details. I hope you have a blast and get some use out of your fishnets. And tell Kellan I said hello!

  8. I told Kellan now I'll tell you. Hope you crazy kids saved some tables for the OTHER bloggers to dance on at that party!

  9. Get out the fishnets, and have a blast--you did bring your boa feather duster, right? :)

    Can't wait to hear more!

  10. It's so cool that you met Kellan. I'm glad you had a reasonably good flight - at least the girl was giggling and not coughing at the back of your head!

  11. I know what you mean about using your blog moniker. It's you now. Well, a big part of you.

    Glad you're having fun.

  12. I hear tale you introduced yourself to my little ol' fly swatter!? I'm so excited he was able to make your acquaintance!

  13. How awesome that Meghan is your roommate! Keep us posted, JCK!

  14. Oooh, ooh!! Wear the sparklies and the fishnets!

  15. Have a great time JCK. We wouldn't have it any other way...Tell Kellan and Meghan Howdy!
    I vote for the fishnets...Now that all those bloggers can meet you, they should see you in ALL YOUR GLORY!
    Pax, EJT

  16. You should definitely wear your fishnets because they are part of your blogger persona!

  17. Oh come on - -- Meg looks at least FOURTEEN!



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