Thursday, July 31, 2008

I've got to zip up those old suitcases and toss them into unclaimed baggage

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow I am going to walk into BOY & GIRL's daycare and let them know that August will be our last month. I feel very sad, yet done. It is an end to an era. A short era, by any stretch, yet BOY has been there for 2 1/2 years - almost half his life. We've been through a great deal of struggle this year with BOY and come out on the other side. GIRL has really loved the 3 days that she is there. This year has been her first experience with a preschool environment, and she's taken to it - much evidenced by the acres of art projects she has created, including her caterpillars. On last count, 7 caterpillars made from tongue depressors and pom poms. The friendships that have been nurtured there are treasures. Ones we wish to keep. And will.

Why are we leaving? Well, it did start with me getting pissed off at the school administration, but that's a story for another day. Let's just say that my getting pissed off was a blessing, because it enabled me to pick up the phone and call a preschool that a friend recommended. I put the call in, not expecting there to be any openings at this late date, let alone two slots. The director called me back and'll never believe this, but...we just got an opening this morning in our Pre-K class. And, our 4 year old class is full, but to keep your family together we will add GIRL. Sometimes the Universe hands you a platter of goodies and you have to be smart enough to take them.

Truthfully? I almost fainted. You mean there is a place that puts family first? That thinks about how decisions affect the whole family? Do I sound bitter? Perhaps. And I have my reasons. Overall, I have loved the learning environment that the teachers create at BOY & GIRL's current school. But, the Board and the Director have made so many poor judgements and decisions, and I am exhausted by the battles. Preschool. Battles. Yes, that is insane.

The opportunity in this change is that the new preschool will enable BOY & GIRL to continue to be in separate classrooms. Because they are only 10 months apart, and their current school does not separate 4 year old children from the Pre-K children, they would have been in the same classroom this fall. We would have made it work, but it wasn't ideal. Now they can continue to have their own space as individuals to grow and stretch without being under the eye of the other.

So, it is all good. The new school does lots of science experimentation in Pre-K, so BOY will be in heaven. GIRL will have fresh opportunities to explore art or anything else she wants to do. And, hopefully, we will be just a little more relaxed. I'm very excited about the new school, yet anxious about the change. Because change makes me anxious. But, that is my stuff. I've got to zip up those old suitcases and toss them into unclaimed baggage. It's time to be a grown-up, do the best thing for my children, and move on. I'm just having a little trouble with the zipper...

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  1. I'm so happy for you. And your family! Oh, how you struggled!

  2. And yes, it's almost 1am. I swear I'm going to bed right now.

  3. I'm with you on the change is hard front but this seems like the sort of opportunity you can't ignore. I'm sure it'll be great!

  4. I hope the new school is a place where the boy and girl grow in happiness, confidence, and knowledge. (And I hope they have lots of fun!)

  5. Change is never easy but it always works out. It's different, but good. It used to scare me.

    I don't do it often : )

  6. Ah, Change...Makes the world go 'round, doesn't it?
    Good for you jippin' up that baggage and moving forward. Thank God for a school administration that thinks of families first!
    I'm thinking that the settling-in period on this one won't be too sounds like a perfect fit. Blessings, E

  7. Oh crud...I have to start proof reading...that was supposed to be "zippin'", not jippin'... :p

  8. We have that problem with our kids' Sunday School. My son turned 5 in May, but they keep putting him in the 2-4 class with his sister. I keep telling them that I WANT him to go in with the big kids like he's supposed to at the age of 5, but every Sunday I go to collect them and there he is with the toddlers again.

  9. How lovely to find a school where they can be together as a family and yet grow in their own space.

    That's a gift.

    Good for you.

  10. I'm really happy to hear this news; I'll read the link to the struggles but know that there is so much "stuff" like this that goes on raising a family. I'm glad that the universe provided! Best of luck.

  11. Change? **little hairs on neck stand on end** Nope, not a big fan here, either. this case, this sounds like one of those meant-to-be things. I have heard more people saying the same thing you said; the school and teachers are great, but the administration/board/whatever is so bad that it overshadows the good! I'm so glad this has worked out for you and Boy and Girl!

  12. Change is all over the place-this really sounds like a good one.

  13. I hope the new school is awesome for your family.
    Funny the things we hang on to hey? I remember having such a hard time letting go of my kids kindergarten teachers. You get so attached.

  14. That worked out perfectly!

    I used to work at a Montessori school where the teachers were amazing but the people running it were just plain horrible. I left before I was a Mum but thinking afterwards I would really have to think about putting my child in...even with me working there!

  15. This sounds like exactly what your family needs. Don't stress about the old preschool. Your children come first.

  16. Woo-hoo! I'm the same way with change -- but at least this is one you can celebrate!

  17. Oh, I'm with you and the zipper. It's my "issue" too...change is bad, right? Even with a zillion pieces of evidence to the contrary slapping you in the face.

  18. Oh, good J - this sounds ideal and I hope it workds out for Boy and Girl and YOU!

    Have a good weekend - Kellan

  19. Change makes me anxious too. But it sounds like the kiddos will love the new change. Boys love science.

    Hope it goes smoothly.

  20. This sounds like a good thing. And it sounds like it was meant to be. Change is always good.

    Lucky you and your kids.

  21. things like this are excruciating. don't let anyone tell you 'it's just preschool'.

    thank goodness you found a new school. i hope it is absolutely wonderful - it sounds like it is..

    can't wait to hear how they do.

  22. Woohoo! So glad that worked out for y'all. Can't wait to hear how the current preschool tries to bend over backward to keep them. Or maybe they won't?

  23. Change is never easy :(
    Just be assured it will be better; it might have some moments but if you don't ever change, you could miss something incredible (and I bet the new school is)

  24. I really hope things go fabulously at the new school - for everyone! And, if you are still having trouble with that zipper, I need to get out some aggression. A chainsaw, perhaps?!

  25. So glad you found a school when you needed it! I hope this one works out and doesn't add more stress to your life. I do not look forward to kindergarten. Speaking of old baggage . . .

    we make caterpillars out of egg cartons and pipe cleaners.

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