Saturday, August 2, 2008

That's what whining children will do to you

I don't know what happened, but suddenly it sounds like we have sheep in the house. In the car. And pretty much wherever we go. The sheep appear to be following us.

Maaaaaammmm. I doooon't waaaant thaaaat. I'm tiiiiiiired. I'm huuuuuungry. Maaaaam.

We are in WHINER hell. Today, coming back from swimming lessons I finally just snapped.

GIRL, you sound like a SHEEP!

Noooooo. I doooon't. Maaaaaam.

Listen to yourself! You ARE a sheep. Baaaaaaa. Baaaaa. Waaaa. Waaaa.

Yes. THAT was me. I've resorted to bleating like a sheep. And mocking my child. That's what whining children will do to you. Send you over the edge? Sure. Incite you to scream?Yeah. Bleat? But, of course...

Added CORRECTION: JCK is an Ignorant Hussy. It was Sitemeter's fault. JCK is now busy kissing Blogger's ass.

Note: If you couldn't get on my blog last night, BLOGGER apologizes. It appears they had a major issue with thousands of blogs. Apparently, every blogspot blog that I read. OH, by the way...the spell check for "blogspot" gives you a bloodsport option. This may be a possibility if this happens again. A courtesy email would have been nice, too. Dear Blogger clients, unfortunately we are experiencing a major problem on blogspot. We hope to have it cleared up quickly. Thank you.

Ya think? Let's hope the problem is fixed. If not, we can unite and harass BLOGGER: BLOGGGGGGGEEEEER, WHAAAAT THE FUUUUUCK?

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  1. I'd invite you to my house but it too is full of sheep: bleating, wailing, stinking sheep. And the kids are whining, too.

  2. I always used to say "baa" to my children and they joke about it these days!

    This might make you chuckle. Children drive us all bonkers sometimes - I spend a lot of my time hiding from mine. Looks like we wouldn't even be safe if we took to the roof!

    Take care!

  3. I'll trade your bleating sheep for the five year old that screeches like a little girl (loud enough to rouse dogs two towns away) at the site of a fly...or an ant...outside...

    Yes, you absolutely start to whine too. It's unavoidable.

  4. Ugh.. when my children become sheep it reminds me of the movie "Babe" and I end up saying "That'll do Pig." which just makes them mad.

  5. My kids are in full whining mode this week, too. And I'm so glad you mentioned that about Blogspot because I thought I broke it.

  6. Sounds JUST like our house. A house full of sheep and a shepard gone mad.

  7. Loved Cheri's comment.
    They also declared many many blogs to be spam blogs and locked them. Bet they got some seriously whiney e-mails!
    I'm with you on the whine. Drives me NUTS!

  8. I think we all panicked a little last night when Blogger died, at least for some of us.

    Stu, of Bad Mom and Stu, mentioned it to me last night as we were headed to the movies and during the dreadful X-files flick I kept thinking my blog had went to blog heaven.

    It sucked.

  9. Whining. The bane of my existence.

  10. I would totally love to say WHAAAAAT THE FUUUUUUCK to anyone you want me to. Right now, give me someone.

    I get the whining reaction. Power to you, sister; hang in there.

  11. Hey there, Miss Bleat! Did you read On the Upside Friday night? That was where I found out that the culprit was Site Meter! They were pulling some sort of "upgrade" shenanigans, apparently, and any blog with site meter and Internet Explorer would give an "Operation Aborted" message. The fix was to take the site meter off your blog if you use Internet Explorer--and it worked. It's all fixed now and everything is back to normal. And I know this because I went over to Site Meter's blog and said SIIIIIITTE MEEEETTTEEERRRR, WHAAAAAAT THE FUUUUUCKY ANNNYWAAAAY? Because I love being a Miss Bleat. :)

  12. As someone who has worked with many, many children of all ages, I can say with all certainty that the thing that makes me lose it the fastest is whining.

    Crap! My time is up, but hey, it was nice catching up with you!

  13. hhhmmm...sheep?!? Never thought of that one!

    As much as whining children annoy me a whining husband puts me well over the top!!!

  14. What drives me nuts is when every word ends in "ah," as in "No-ah!"

  15. Well, I'm certainly glad my tendency to procrastinate kept me from installing Sitemeter so far...

    As for the whining and bleating...once in the car I started singing to the whines, turned it into a song (whines can go a little bluesy if you try hard) It surprised him right out of it.

    once. It worked once. then he was on to me. But it was fun!

  16. I think you have figured this out by now, but it is sitemeter, not blogger. Since I used statcounter, my blog is working. Whyyyyyyy haven't you been byyyyyyyyyyy???

    (that was me being a sheep)


  17. I didn't read the previous comments, but that issue was actually a sitemeter error for users that had sitemeter tracking code.


    I have a sheep like that too. I can't believe how quickly that drives me nucking futs. 3 seconds flat.


  18. The sheep are here too. It's an automatic whine when they ask for something. I whine right back. "WHYYYYYY Should IIIIII DOOOOO THAAAAAAAT?"

    I picked a good week to be off the computer - I totally missed all the SiteMeter crap.

  19. Sheep is a good word for it. I guess I need a sheep dog to straighten mine out!

  20. I am still chuckling over your oh so funny way of inviting us into the whining. Almost felt like I was there! But, no offense, glad I wasn't. Just filing away the reaction for use when we get to that point (which is never I hope!)

  21. Whining kids and unable to access blog, can I say this is one of your worst day!?

    When my kids give me the shit, I usually give them right back! Play tantrums with me, and I'll play mine on them too....yup that's me, weird parenting...imagine me on the floor rolling my ass around! *HUmph*


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