Friday, August 22, 2008

It is the most muscles she will ever have

Apparently there is an upside to having your minivan in the body shop for 3-4 weeks. Really, there is. You see ...there's this little item called the rental vehicle that is given to you to use while your car is being repaired. Now, let me just preface this by saying that my knowledge of cars, my interest in cars,'s pretty minimal. When I rent a car, I like a car that is dependable, has room for the 4 of us, is safe and has good lumbar support. Truthfully, I don't notice much, unless I get a car that is clearly not a nonsmoking car or is dirty. I can live with my dirt, but I'd rather not start with someone else's.

Last week, I dropped off my poor rear ended minivan and picked up my rental car. They gave me the car keys and I was off. When my husband E arrived home, he said:

I can't believe they gave you THAT car as a rental.

Why? Was it too small? Too, too, too...???

That's a throwback to the old muscle cars, E said.

I definitely detected a little AWE in his voice.

You CAN BET the males have noticed.

Heeeey, that's quite a DIFFERENT ride from your minivan!

Male friend strikes again... Is it a CAR AND LEATHER THING???

BOY noticed right away.

Mommy, this is COOL. Can we keep it forever?

Such loyalty to the minivan...

After that, I confess, I have been milking the situation. You've got to take advantage of the moments when you look cool. Even if you're taking your cooldom from the hot rod you are apparently driving. When picking up BOY this week at preschool, I let it slide to the other boys that we were driving a RACE CAR. Ever since then, when I show up to drop off or pick up BOY, I get this:

BOY's mom! BOY's MOM!! Are you still driving a RACE CAR??!!!

It is not just boys. I was leaving Targay on my way to CostcoDealo, and stopped while in my MUSCLE CAR to say hello to my girlfriend and her daughters who were walking down the sidewalk. As I drove away, I heard one of her daughters say...

Was THAT MISS J?!!.......... If children can be incredulous, she was.

I AM cooler than grits. With the under 6 set. You gotta take it where you can get it. After all ...image is everything.

So, if you see a woman sporting a silver streak, and I'm not just talking hair...give her a wave. Because JCK is apparently....driving a MUSCLE CAR. It is the most muscles she will EVER have. But, she looks cool. Even her son thinks so...

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  1. That is a nice car. Do you think you'll have trouble going back to the mom-mobile?

  2. Very sporty. Maybe I will get my minivan rear ended somehow. I would drive that around for a week or two.

  3. As I watched my boys throw open the door of my husbands truck we rarely drive and come withing centimeters of bashing the care next to us, I was never so thankful for my unfashionable, unenviable minivan.


  4. Sporty! I was thinking it was a PT Cruiser or something. But this is cooler.

  5. I want one of those!! Well - I want the model with the hatchback, but still - I want one! :)

  6. I am a car person (despite my current ride). And that, my friend, is a muscle car.

    Oh, and LOVE the gloves.

  7. Oh, you ARE cool. I wouldn't have noticed it either.

  8. Somewhere in the San Gabriel Valley a minivan is abandoned in a body shop. Forever.

  9. Very cool car; enjoy the ride while the ole van is in the shop!

  10. Apparently it IS a male thing. My son, next to me on the couch said, "UN!", and my husband said, "That's a NICE UN!"

  11. I bet your are driving around town in your fishnets right now :)

  12. Please tell me that hot-rod doesn't have dice hanging from the mirror and leopard skin seats?

    The Coolness overfloweth.

  13. My car is due for some bodywork (parking lot incident). I've been dreading the rental car but now? Bring it on!

  14. Rock on dude. My Jeep isn't very muscley either. I had a Beretta once that was the coolest thing I ever owned.


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