Sunday, August 3, 2008

So, the next time Sitemeter & Internet Explorer have a rendezvous...

Hi Blogger...

Yes, tis' I, the wench. The wench who wrongly accused you of being, well basically, a loser. On this Friday past. When I was frantically trying to get to my own little blogspot in the sky. Imagine a cat trying to scale a tiled wall. And I couldn't get in. I panicked. I threw out accusations. And they landed mistakenly on you. Please forgive me. I guess it was that feeling of vulnerability. That torture of finding, of solidifying the fact, that I am dependent on you. Yes. I. Am. I write upon your blank post pages almost every day. I search for the delicious little bon mots and then use your spellcheck. I occasionally add a photo or two. I list my favorite reads. And love how I can add new ones every day and then their most recent post title pops up on my sidebar. Blogger, you've got it going on.

Oh, friends have tried to lure me away have my own DOT.COM or Wordpress or other more cutting edge hosting vehicle. Yet...I have lingered here with you, because basically I am somewhat of a traditional gal. I mean, look at me. Whiskey. Fishnets. Caffeine loaded. You can't get much more traditional than that.

But, I've I'm known to do. You shouldn't let me do that Blogger. Ooohhh...don't let me. Don't let me.... But, you do. Because you do that automatic draft thing every few seconds. It is SO reassuring. I am a loose lipped wench. I was wrong. It was Sitemeter after all. And Internet Exploder. My friend calls it that. Catchy, isn't it? So, next time Sitemeter and IE have a rendezvous and the sparks fly, they better GET A ROOM. A room very far away from me. Because cats who try to scale tile walls get cranky. Especially when it rips their fishnets. Image is everything...


JCK the wench

*** Photo courtesy of: I SO WISH IT WAS ME! ...Google Images

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  1. Honey, it's time to convert you to Firefox. Just pull up those fishnets and sashay on over.

    Also, is that you? Because I have to get on the treadmill right now.


  2. Well what blog hosting site wouldn't accept that apology?

    *whew* Steamy.

  3. BWAHAHAHA...Internet Exploder...*laugh**snort**snort**laugh* Good one! I tried Firefox once for about a day. My friend's 21-year-old computer genius of a son decreed it far superior to Internet Exploder. Much confusion ensued. "Change it back," I implored. Now that I know the fix, I get off a little bit on Sitemeter and IE having a room-needing rendezvous. I'm glad some action is being had SOMEWHERE.

    And that Google Images photo? I say, go for it; declare to all who read here, "YUP, THAT'S ME. HOT, HUH?" :)

  4. Blogger only sucks when they have one of their frequent meltdowns. Now that I'm on my own URL and WP, I definitely appreciate the benefits of WP, but would never have sorted them out without professional help. Bloom where you are planted. :)

  5. I've been told Firefox is much better "in web". But like you, I fear change.

    I know, he's probably quite gentle but fast when you need him to be be. But there's something to be said for taking it slow and long as you get there in the end.

  6. I switched to Firefox this weekend because I couldn't visit anyone! It is WAY better. Seriously, it will take a few minutes and you will be free...

    Oh, and you can still .com and blogger at the same time. It isn't cheating!

  7. Ha, ha. Enjoyed your post. We're all so dependent on this mysterious internet "working" that when it doesn't.....well, it sucks.

    You might like to read the rant from Jennster from 8/1 when her Blogger hosted site was labeled as SPAM. She had some words for Blogger that made me laugh.

    Glad it's all fixed now; happy blogging!!!! I look forward to your posts.

  8. Everyone I read today is writing about their technical difficulties last week, while I am having technical difficulties right this minute. TypePad, grrr. Waiting for tech support.

    I'm mad cranky, not sexy cranky.

  9. firefox loves sexy fishnets.....just sayin.

  10. IE and I aren't speaking. I love me a little fox too.

  11. whoo hooo!! fishnets indeed, JCK!

    I'm a Firefox-y lady, so I didn't get what the hub-bub was about until it burbled up in the right wing political blogosphere that it was all the fault of Obama supporters. That was amusing.

    When I learned what it really was, I was grateful I've been too lazy to install Sitemeter.

    But the Controlling Hand of the Obamanauts is a pretty good story! Why can't it be true? I have my list all ready!

  12. I'm a big fan of the dot com move. It's so nice owning your own domain..........

  13. I will add to the firefox fans, it is the only thing I will use. Those are some super sexy fishnets, I think I need to get me some of those. And her legs...

  14. I love me some Firefox. And your whiskey habit makes me kind of breathless.

  15. I'm comfy here with Blogger, I'm used to Internet Exploder (which name I will be using permanently) and I'm afraid if I switch to something like Firefox, my Vista Home Premium (f**k you very much, Microsoft) will completely implode.

  16. Oh my God. LOVE the photo! And she blushes!! Firefox, yes.

  17. Yeah, I was NOT happy about having to remove sitemeter from my blog for a couple of days. It totally jacked up my stats.

  18. *Laugh* it seems that many bloggers were facing problems with their blogs since last week and the funny coincidence is they were all with Blogger!

    Seriously, after having a Blogger blog AND A self-hosted Wordpress Blog with my own dot com domain name, I really feel that Wordpress has been more stable and more versatile, talking about the auto-save every other minute and the scheduled post, Wordpress has it before Blogger even found out about this issue....

    but of cos i know you are a faithful person, you'll stick with Blogger till death do you part right? *laugh*


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