Friday, August 8, 2008

Housekeeping. Bad. Very bad. Computer housekeeping. Worse. Much worse.

Imagine this. Install Outlook on hottie red laptop. Everything appears delightful. Things sync up, everything transfers beautifully from desktop. All appears good. Except that husband's email is downloading, too. Not interested in construction emails, per se. Calls made to Dell, Microsoft, Yahoo. Much mucking about by others. Finally Yahoo clears it up. But, because of mucking about by many, many others with the account settings...incoming server & outgoing server codes talked to Yahoo server. And...about that bad housekeeping by JCK? Well, 8,950 emails were on the server in the inbox. And...8,950 emails downloaded. Oh, MY FRIGGIN' FISHNETS, Yes. Unfortunately, I'm not exaggerating. Over 7 hours it took. Niiice. And Yahoo recommended that I not even check email through the Internet to insure that no emails would be lost. Yep. Then after the 8,950 emails finished...817 downloaded. And as the 817th email downloaded my internet connection went down. I decided perchance it was time to go to bed.
Lesson Learned? Perhaps best to use delete button or file emails occasionally. My own brilliance just ASTOUNDS me at times.

So, while I was playing footsie with Yahoo downloads and my lap top at 1:30am Wednesday night, my daughter calls out for me and I go in to see what's wrong.

What's wrong sweetie, did you have a nightmare?

Mommy, I wanted to tell you that I love you. I REALLY, REALLY LOVE YOU! ...this with arms thrown around my neck and kisses.

This yummy sweetness took my frustrations and tossed them far, far away.

And the sweetness continued yesterday, while at the YMCA...

I was at the front desk taking care of business, and GIRL flings herself on me and says:

Mommy, I LOVE YOU! More than the moon and the stars. I believe a woman nearby swooned. It wasn't just me.

I clung to this morsel, this gem... and it helped later. When GIRL told BOY to disobey me at every turn. And he did. And she did. While giggling. And looking straight at me. Aaah...that GIRL, she is a delightful concoction.

Now, I better get to that housekeeping. The real kind. The dust dinosaurs are snickering... After that, I'll see about cleaning the 8,950 emails that are on the Yahoo server. Because, my desktop computer? Well, it wants to download all 8,950 emails, too. I'm not sure about the 817. It's SO good to be me!

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  1. You are a woman with infinite patience. I do believe I would have simply deleted the entire file.

    It sounds like the girl has discovered that she has girly charm superpowers. Hide the fishnets, there's trouble ahead...

  2. Gloriowski. I don't think we've had that many emails since we got married. Well, maybe from my brother-in-law .. .

    Those little girls are DEVIOUS! I have one of them too, as you know. We should form a support group.

  3. Is it ok to laugh? Because I'm sooo laughing right now!

  4. Oh my! give me anything! I'll take the challenge but never stuff that's related to that GADGET which I need badly to blog!

  5. That's a whole lotta emails!
    But hey, at least you're looking sexy while you're at it... those fishnets, yowza ;)

  6. She told him to ignore you? Wow. That makes for a tough day. At least she gave you the love to offset the naughty.


    oh my, THAT is my new favorite saying. is it okay to adopt it. LOL. So funny.

  8. ARGHHHH...I am so glad the email thing is working out. slowly.

    And girl. Bless her naughty little heart.

  9. I had nearly the identical experience today trying to set up my new iphone.....the little @#$%*-er doesn't like hotmail, which means that I may actually have to switch to gmail.

    I like the part about the ILY's that's a nice touch!

  10. Loved the fishnets from the earlier pic. Is that you? Awesome! Can't wait to hear about your lunch today. I'm sorry I wasn't there. I wasn't feeling it and with Rex gone it wasn't a good combo. Miss you.

  11. Who has time for that computer nonsense... like deleting emails? Bah! Internet access would be nice at this point (I'm at Panera again...they are thinking of offering me a job)

    If that lady wasn't swooning, I was. I live for that stuff.

  12. I was lost after downloads and servers. You brave woman!


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