Monday, August 25, 2008

Much as we might wish to linger here a bit, life won't let us...

Lately, the word SQUABBLING has been taken to new heights around here. Just when I am about to start freebasing JD at 11am, I see this...

BOY throws his arms around GIRL in the hallway.

GIRL, I LOVE you SO much!

Thank you, BOY.

And that brief moment, that exquisite little snapshot of their life...makes it worth it. Until the next time SHRIEKING ENSUES...


MOOOOM! MOOOM! BOY's got Daddy's EMERGENCY flashlight, AGAIN!


Last week was BOY's end of the year party. The teachers made a special scrap book for each child. On the first page was a picture of BOY last September and a picture of him in July of this year. I cried. The physical changes are so dramatic. The sweet rounded cheeks and chin of last fall have been replaced with sculpted cheekbones and a new, squarer, older boy's chin. Yet, my tears were not just for the physical changes, but for all of the growth he has had in this year. Much as we might wish to linger here a bit, life won't let us for more juice is around the corner. And I'm sure it's served in jugs.


BOY has some sensory issues. He adores mud. Frolicking in it. Digging in it. Making it. Yet, if the water sprinklers have drenched the sidewalk leading from our front door to the driveway, he will not put his feet down on the sidewalk for fear of his shoes and feet getting wet. Go figure. So, he will usually go out our kitchen door and walk down the driveway to get in the car. Or ask to be carried over the wet sidewalk.

Over the last couple of days something quite amazing has happened. GIRL has taken it upon herself to help BOY over this hurdle. In a gentle voice, she asks him if he would like to hold her hand and try walking down the sidewalk. It has worked! Twice now. BOY feels empowered by sharing the fear. GIRL feels empowered by helping her big brother. It is all good.


We are going up to Northern California to visit my mom and step dad on Wednesday. BOY & GIRL have been counting the days and have packed their backpacks.

It is 7 weeks until we go to Ma'Mai & Pops!!!

No, BOY, only 7 days.

Is TODAY the DAY we GO to Ma'Mai & Pops?!

No, BOY, not yet. 3 more days.

GIRL: I can't go to sleep because I'm TOO EXCITED about going to Ma'Mai & Pops.

Only a few more days, GIRL...

I'm looking forward to the visit with my mom and step dad, too. There will be delicious meals, some lingering over dinner with a glass of wine, hours in the swimming pool and going down the water slide with BOY & GIRL, a round of golf for E, hopefully a hike, sitting in my mom's kitchen nursing a cup of tea or two, and special time together. Grandparent time is important. And so is mother/daughter time.

So, today is about checking off lists, packing for vacation, and acknowledging the end of summer on the horizon. And looking ahead to September... a time for new beginnings.

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  1. I know that feeling of seeing the changes in photographs. (sniff)

    But oy, with the squabbling. It's the same here. Love and despair follow on each other's heels all day long.

    Which pretty much describes life, in my opinion!

  2. the best cure for squabbling is school. seriously. hope you have a great vacation.

  3. I love the part about GIRL helping BOY overcome his fears. That stuff is why I always wanted a brother or sister!

    Have a great time!

  4. I love these stories about your sweet children. I especially loved the one where your sweet girl helped your son down the walk - so sweet! I hope you enjoy your vacation and are getting everything good and ready to go! Have a great time, J - see you soon - Kellan

  5. What an exciting time. Your vacation sounds like it will be divine. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  6. Have a fantastic and safe vacation!

  7. moving on and going back.... all important life processes

  8. oh siblings, one moment in harmony and the next in fights...when will that stop...I guess it won't till they are too old, too occupied with every other event in life, only then...

    its always good for the grandparents and the grandchildren to meet up, that's why though I (sometimes) do drag my feet up my in-law's place EVERY sunday, I still make the effort to...'cos you never know how many more years is left for such gatherings...ya?

  9. It really is time for summer to come to an end.

    Have a wonderful time.

  10. Our preschool takes a class picture and prints it out on the class contact information sheet then laminates it with a magnet. Both of HRH's are still on the side of the fridge.

    I look at them and my heart smiles, then tears.

  11. Oh and the infighting has reached critical mass - yelling, occasional hittin, and name-calling - oh my!

  12. Every now and then they do turn on the amazing, don't they?

  13. Don't they grow so big in months? And um, gaining WWF fighting skills.

    Have a grand time away. ;)

  14. Have a great vacation. I know how tough it is to explain time to the wee little ones. I hope you took some valium.

  15. First time reader (heading over from Merlot Mom), and I feel we're separated-at-birth kin already. Freebasing JD at 10? Honey, my kids (BOY and GIRL as well, 6 and 4) force me to start the gin IV around 9 am. All I can say is, it's a good thing they're cute.

    So have a wunnerful vacation, and (ominous duh-duh-duh sound) be prepared for the post-vacation backlash upon your return (which I am in the throes of at the present moment).


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