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On the Upside guest posts on Motherscribe

Imagine a grown-up slumber party in which you get to wear comfy PJs, kick up your heels and have a drink. Talking late into the night lying on a bed, with a pillow tucked up under your chin and a bag of Oreos to dip into. She regales you with delightful tales of her children and listens to yours. And that laugh & sexy voice draw you in.... That would be a night at Kellan's place. She's got the house where all the kids and the grown-ups want to be. So...come on in....and join my guest poster today...On the Upside.

Hi Everyone -

I'm Kellan from On The Upside and I am so excited to be guest blogging over here at Motherscribe! I have know JCK for nearly a year through blogging and was so privileged to finally get to meet her IRL at the BlogHer Conference in July in San Francisco. We met up immediately and spent lots of time during that conference weekend and she is just as fabulous in person as she is on her blog and as I imagined her to be. We have become great friends.

On my blog, I write a lot about my kids. I have 4 kids - twin daughters that are 16, a son that is 11 and a daughter that is 7. People just love my stories about my son - Little Billy - so ... I am going to offer you one of my favorite "Little Billy" stories. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks, JCK, for inviting me to guest blog - you are the best!

My Son - The Genius

I went to my son's school to meet with his teacher for a conference.

She is not his regular teacher - she is only his teacher for Social Studies and Science.

I don't know her very well - like I know his other teacher.

She was very nice.

We sat at the table in her room, went over issues Little Billy has been having about not remembering things - like ... when tests are coming up ... reviewing for tests ... studying for tests ... failing tests! (He is going to be the death of me!)

He seemed to understand when his teacher and I impressed that he needed to make sure - from now on - to mark in his planner when a test was coming up.

He seemed to understand when his teacher and I impressed that he needed to - from now on - pay attention during the review.

He seemed to understand when his teacher and I impressed that he needed to - from now on - complete the review sheet in order to receive an extra 5 points.

He seemed to understand when his teacher and I impressed that he needed to - from now on - study for these TESTS!

He says he understands now!

We will see!

So ... we finished with our conference and we were all smiling.

Somehow, we got on the subject of students in middle school and high school taking foreign languages. We were telling Little Billy that it would be good if he took Spanish - as we live in Texas and Spanish sure comes in handy.

Little Billy quickly said, "I want to take French."

His teacher and I just giggled and she said, "Well ... that would be good too."

Then Little Billy changed his mind and said, "No ... I really want to take British."

*blink blink*

I look at his teacher and she looks at me. She does not say a word and I can tell she is trying to hold back a smile. She's not sure - not sure, I guess - whether or not I know - that this is ridiculous and so she seems to wait for me to make a move - to smile or something.

I smile.

She smiles.

I look over at my genius of a son, who, by the way, is now speaking in a British accent (that he does very well) and I say, "Hon - you can't talk British. British isn't a language. Do you know what language they speak in Great Britain?"

He, in his exaggerated British accent, says, "No I don't - but I want to learn it."

On the upside ... On the way to our car, I explain to my son that they speak... ENGLISH in Great Britain and that ... while his accent is adorable and pretty darn accurate as far as I can tell - to ... not ever say that again to anyone - EVER! He asked, "Why," and I told him ... in my most fabulous British accent, "Because ... it makes you look like a bloomin' idiot, Sweetie." I think he understood.

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  1. Hi JCK! Hi Kellan!

    I am just impressed with a good british accent...he has that on me!

  2. We love to do the British accent at our house. Gotta love those parent/teacher conferences. Something funny usually happens if the kids are present! :o)

  3. Great post, I hadn't seen this one. Little Billy really is sorta kinda right though, spend a day in London with a bunch of cockney blokes and you won't know 1 word they're saying, I betcha. It's like a different language.

  4. ha!!! one of my favorites:)
    now i'm off for a spot of tea...

  5. I remember this post! And, yes, I do love stories about that sweet, funny boy! So, has he learned the British language yet? ; )

  6. Great to see you guesting here, Kellan! I loved that post.

  7. This is one of my favorite's! Of course I love all of your stories - and that is why I wanted you to guest post. Thank you for doing it! I hope you have no bloomin' idiots all weekend!

  8. To funny. I love these little Billy stories.

  9. cute story!

    An East Indian friend's nephew, calls American food "English food." Kinda the same idea.

    I think Billy is on to something. I read a lot of British novels and at times I think they do have their own language.

  10. You have to love that Little Billy.
    What WOULD we do without our darling boys to crack us up?

    Of course, the Brittish don't think WE speak the English Language at ALL, we speak American!
    So, in fact, he was somewhat correct!
    Tally Ho!

  11. I'd love to hear a Texan doing a British Accent!

  12. Thanks J for having me as a guest blogger on your wonderful site - it was such an honor! Hope you are having a great vacation! SEe you soon - Kellan


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