Friday, August 15, 2008

I treasure each of them and what they bring to the world

Change is in the air. I see it in my children and in the events around us. Tomorrow is BOY's end-of-the-year party at school. It should be a fun evening. We'll have presents for the teachers, a slide show of the year in pictures, a few songs by the children, and certificates of accomplishment given to each child. Best of all there will be pizza and make-your-own sundaes. My friend, also a mom, has organized the whole thing with a little help from a few of us, and like everything she does it will be wonderful.

We've been talking to BOY & GIRL about their new school for a couple of weeks. After an initial cry of "I don't want to leave my friends!!," and the reassurance that they will still see their friends, they appear to be excited.

BOY: I will make new friends. I will introduce myself to everyone! [There is no doubt that he will.]

GIRL: And they have a big playground! We get to take the ...what's that called again, Mommy? Hamster?

ME: Guinea pig.

GIRL: Yes! We'll get to take the guinea pig home! And there's no nap time at school! We get to play. [Oh, GIRL, you will love the new challenges ahead!]

We are all excited about the new change in schools. It will be helpful to have a fresh set of eyes on BOY. It will also be an adjustment for him to have 2 teachers to 18 students as opposed to what he's had with 4 teachers to 24 students. A good bridge for Kindergarten next year.

Perhaps most importantly, and the motivation for changing schools, is that they will each have their own classrooms. Being only 10 months apart provides unique challenges at times. They are not twins. And they know they are not twins. They each have their own lovely strengths and abilities. It is important that BOY feel like a big brother. GIRL is a strong personality and is gifted in her fine motor skills. She needs to shine without holding herself back. He needs to shine without being overshadowed. I treasure each of them and what they bring to the world.

So, we are winding down for the end of our time at their current school. I feel less sad now, but instead am looking forward. Change is almost always good, even if there are growing pains along the way.

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  1. It is simply amazing how quickly they grow up and how much we, as parents, have to mature with all of these amazing changes!! Good luck to all of you - my baby (well, he hasn't thought of himself as a baby for 4 years!!) starts all day Kindergarten this year and we are facing it with equal parts elation, nervousness and apathy (on his part)...

  2. Hmmmm, I think I remember having a conversation like this with someone not too long ago!

  3. Wishing you and your kids the very best with the excitement of the upcoming changes!

  4. wow. THAT's CLOSE. i am barely coping with my two so close together and they're SIX years apart!!!

  5. What a wonderful feeling of anticipation and excitement. Your family is in for some great things!

  6. Glad to hear they're so excited . . . Umm. You take the guinea pig HOME?

  7. 'She needs to shine without holding herself back. He needs to shine without being overshadowed"

    An excellent truth and so well put. As the mother of twins, this is exactly what motivated me to put into separate classrooms. They had a year together, Kg, but thereafter apart.

  8. Oh, I so hope they keep loving school!

  9. They will be fine, you will be fine. Enjoy the party. Look forward to grand new things. And next year when I'm a puddle of slobber over sending the Queen to kindergarten, remind me I said this.

  10. It will all work out. The school sounds great, and they will rise to the challenge!


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