Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We will soon be gone from this place

I sit perched on a school bench,
the tinkling sound of water
dripping on a tilled garden,
planted with small hands.

We have seen much here...
days frolicking in mud
well loved songs and room jobs
art work with glue, pom poms, and glitter.

Change is upon us,
the blessing of anger,
creating opportunity for
a new kaleidescope of color.

My stomach clenches
with old fears unspoken
cloaked in the self-deception of
them not knowing anything else.

But there will be...
other easels to paint on,
different structures to climb,
and the planting of new roots.

An opportunity ahead
for each of my children
to be flying solo
in their own classroom.

We will soon be gone
from this place
the destinations & pick-ups
no longer mapped here.

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  1. This is beautiful.

    Can I offer a little older, wiser, parenting advice? It's going to be fine no matter which way you go. I spent a lot of time thinking and agonizing over things I didn't need to. I'm not judging you for wanting the best for your children--I'm just saying you should know they're already getting it--from you.

  2. Yes...beautiful, it is!

    I am very new to your blog, but I can already tell that you have fortunate children; ALL children should be treasured as much! Everything will be fine; really, it will...

  3. This is more than words put together beautifully, these are emotions and deep thoughts from your soul, isn't it?...

    Oh JCK, why the sudden saddness...? Though that happens to me quite often too...afterall, we are but pilgrims on this planet, isn't that true? the time WILL come when all that we hold dear will be out of our clutches.

  4. That is a great poem!

    Are you moving?

  5. You are such a great writer!

    Please don't stress--it will be great :)

  6. Oh this is so good!

    And the suspense is killing us here-- just fyi...

  7. Gorgeous poetry.
    For me, putting aside a past and moving forward to a new, fills me with a need to embed the feelings of the moment in words that capture the bittersweet of living.
    Your words and how you string them together resonate deeply. Keep writing.

  8. So eloquent and moving, as usual. They will be fine. All the kids at gymnastics the other day were talking about starting school the next day (AUGUST 6 - YIKES) and the Queen was VERY disappointed when she found out she wasn't going. I found myself panicking trying to figure out if it was too late to get her into preschool. But she hasn't mentioned it again, and dance class will start again soon, and storytime at the library starts again on Friday, so with those and gymnastics, I think she'll be enough occupied.

  9. Wonderful poem. How nice for you and your kids that your family adventures are chronicled in verse.

    Good luck with your new direction. I'm sure you have put a lot of thought into it and you've made the right decision.

  10. They will be just fine, it won't take long until they are in love with their new teachers, make new friends and look forward to their new adventures. You are their steady rock, their security, so that they can face the changes with confidence.

  11. This was beautiful, J! ANd ... it is going to be wonderful! I just know it!

    Take care- Kellan

  12. I love your poetry so much. This isn't just some soppy sugary stuff, it's complex and makes me want to ask you questions....which I imagine is just what a great poem is supposed to do. You're amazing.

  13. so beauiful. It is bitter sweet. I have been experiencing a lot of bittersweetness of parenting lately too. So much so that I cried when I heard "slipping through ny fingers" in Mama Mia.

  14. Beautiful and bittersweet sums it up. Sounds like part of the change theme in your blog these days. . and life.

  15. Lovely. Your children are truely blessed, as are you.
    Blessings, E

  16. Come visit me today. I have a surprise for you.

  17. Beautiful poetry. I find it easier to look at these changes as "chapters". This chapter is ending but a new one is beginning and may even be better than the last. Good luck.


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