Friday, July 11, 2008

JCK was a good little blogger and always very curious

This is JCK. She lives in a house that has an ambitious office project. JCK was a good little blogger and always very curious. All bloggers are curious, but no bloggers are as curious as JCK.

JCK was especially curious as to whether she could do it all...

She wondered how it was that it was already 5am on Friday morning and her project: Office Annihilation & Creative Reconfiguration was not nearly ready for tomorrow's plan to empty the office of all objects so that the man with the yellow hat could paint. The plan also calls for disconnecting the computer...GASP, SHUDDER, SHAKE. So, she will be offline for a couple of days. And she has several posts to write in advance, as well as living her life. Perhaps the painting should be reconsidered? Hang Tough, JCK! Be STRONG.

JCK knows that living her life with two children aged 3 and 4 and her husband, doing the office project, leaving on Thursday of next week for the BlogHer conference, and possibly going through perimenopause are all possible. JCK just doesn't know if they are possible in 1 week.

All JCK knows is that hopefully when she is back and functioning again, this will happen...

I am so happy to have you back, JCK, said her loyal readers.

I was scared. And you must have been scared, too.

I know you will not want to do Project: Office Annihilation & Creative Reconfiguration, leave for a BlogHer conference, possibly be going through perimenopause, and disconnect your one computer all in one week again for a long, long time.

You must give your common sense back to your self.

Especially when your daughter is currently terrorized in her own mind by Pinocchio, your husband feels he never sees you, and your son is sure to create his own search and destroy project when you are not looking.

Perhaps all of this was not wise, Curious JCK.

**JCK would like to acknowledge much admiration for H.A. Rey, the Creator of Curious George.

***Superhero Mom Picture courtesy of Google Images

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  1. Now, that dude in the yellow hat...he scares the s**t out of ME. (Hic. Pass the bourbon, won't you?)

    Have fun at BlogHer!

  2. you crazy girl! you know that new office is going to be worth it, blogher is going to be wonderful and your husband is going to get over not seeing you enough.

    ok. two out of three ain't bad.

  3. It'll all get done and then after pumping up at Blog-Her you can come home, grab the Jack and the fishnets and make your darling husband forget that he was feeling neglected!
    We'll be waiting to "chat" when you get done with all of your adventures.
    Blessings, E

  4. Have fun at BlogHer! I'll miss you.

  5. Us overachievers have it rough, don't we? But we are strong, competent women and we CAN do it all! Good luck and have a great time at the conference! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  6. You bit off quite a bit too, and with even younger kids underfoot.

    I'm a little scared, JCK.

    But I know you will manage. I like that about you.

    (Where's the Jack, Curious JCK?)

  7. I can't wait to see the office renovation and I can't wait to see you in San Francisco!!! Don't work too hard - talk to you this week - Kellan

  8. You are really making me wish I could go to Blogher--have fun :)

  9. You need a break it sounds like. I feel like a bad blog friend lately (to everyone) but in the end I have a deeper accountability to my tangible friends and to my family and to myself. I can't spend as much time on the computer as I was and keep up with the 63 blogs in my reader. So, JCK needs to give herself a break. Two days off will be great for you.


  10. I am excited to meet you at BlogHer and compare notes. On the many things we have in common.

  11. (uses whiny voice) I wanna go to BlogHer!!!

    Your office is going to kick ass when you're done. Might want to leave a pair of fishnets in there when you go...E will count the minutes until you get back!

  12. We can't wait to hear what you bring back from blogher and we can't wait to see pics of your new office. It sounds like you've got a lot of exciting things going on in your life!

  13. Oh promise you'll show photos of after the 'makeover'? Now that we have the 'BEFORE' we need the after-look.

    Have fun, have lots of fun at the BlogHer Conference though I bet your kids will miss you truly...

  14. I'm pouting in the corner because I don't get to go. But you guys go ahead, have fun without me. I'll be fine, don't worry about me. (It's just not the same without the whining martyr voice, is it?)

    I dislike the Curious George stories. It always seemed to me that if the stupid man in the yellow hat had JUST LEFT GEORGE IN THE JUNGLE WHERE HE BELONGED, none of those problems would have happened.


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