Saturday, July 5, 2008

Time to play...You found me HOW??

It is once again time to play the game ...

You found me HOW??

Yes, folks, we truly run the gamut in our Internet searches for finding items on Motherscribe.

Here we go:

Where do babies come out when they are born and invocation - I don't think I even want to touch this one.

Gluteal Cleft - well, of course.

Slenderizing suits for short girls - yes, I am interested.

Hemorrhoid odors - Good GOD, I hope not. However, if you care to put hemorrhoid cream under your eyes...perhaps, yes.

Book of manners for 10 year olds - not written yet, but perhaps after my children let me out of jail I can attempt it.

Spider bite pustules and impetigo - luckily, NO. Guess you have to SEARCH AGAIN.


Shoot tequila - damn straight, although I prefer bourbon whiskey... sipped.

Luscious bottoms- oh, MY, MY, MY.....YES, YES, YES!!!

How to tell your bathing suit size - guess up, then down, and choose something in the middle. Works every time.

How to look handsome - I haven't been called a "handsome woman" least within ear shot. But, I know the time is coming...

Right cleft of buttock - well, I have nothing against the left cleft of buttock.

Super size bathing suits - I would like to cover both the right and left cleft of buttock.

Bathing suit size 40 e - mmmm...could be a sexy European size. Viva la 40! I'll take it!

Nudists on Mexico - I think you've strayed too far west. Was this a landing on Mexico? Perhaps alien nudists?

Do babies come out head first - if you're lucky.

How to go grey - you've come to the right place!! Say good-bye to roots, forEvah! Of this, I know.

Hemorrhoid odors & start - Excuse ME. Don't you START! I really am beginning to take this personally. No odors HERE emerging from gluteal clefts or any part of buttocks.

And that's all she wrote...

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  1. Are hemorrhoids *supposed* to smell?

    If so, I think there's something wrong with my butt.


  2. hmm. so THAT is what that smell is...

  3. All this hemorrhoid talk is bringing back some very bad memories. Stop it, crazy internet searchers, stop it!

    But re: the luscious bottoms? I could hang around for a while. When will those be showing up? ;-)

  4. Pretty funny! Hey, the first Matronly gray hair gets attacked, full bottle.

  5. Next time, expect "smelly grey hairs coming from luscious buttock cleft." I love this game; it's like anagrams with entire (weird) words.

  6. Now I know where's that smell coming from....LOL No, no, no, not that I have it!

  7. I don't get any interesting hits like this - I am obviously writing the wrong stuff! I get multitudes of hits on a post I did on Dr. Suess' "Do You Like My Hat?"

    Hope you had a good weekend, J - see you - Kellan

  8. What's up with the hemorroids?! Lots of bloggers must be suffering ;)

  9. The search queries just never cease to amuse me. Ha! Look at all that authority you have JCK! :)

  10. I have mine set up so I can't be searched, but maybe I should change it and see what I get.

  11. So...what exactly is it then that brings these wackos to YOUR blog??? I find this whole thing very odd...and highly amusing!!


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