Monday, July 14, 2008

Bathing suit posts and Blingity, Bling, Bling

I've been the recipient of much generosity this past week from the blogging community.

First of all, Andrea from Pass the Zoloft linked me in her Goodhousekeeping post called: When my Bathing Suit Affects my Birthday Suit. Andrea is a busy woman. She has a provocative and delicious column on Goodhousekeeping called: My So-Called Sex Life. Otherwise known as..."A blog about sex, marriage, and all the stuff in between that keeps the words 'not tonight, dear' in business." She also writes for Babycenter. I love the piece she did a few days ago called: Cussing, Cranky and Snarky Moms- hey, I resemble that remark! Check her out and prepare to become addicted!

I also have been lucky enough to receive two awards. The Philosopher Mom who happens to be one of the most witty and articulate bloggers out there. Yes, I did say witty and articulate in the same sentence. Her posts are unique, bold and daringly honest. She writes about having 9 kids and being a Professor at Auburn University. Yes, she also has a PhD. You could feel inadequate around her, but she won't let you. She's just like that. Go see her. Thank you, Kalynne for this bold & edgy award. Your timing is perfect, because I've been feeling meek & mainstream this week...

I'd like to pass this along to ...

Juggling Life

She's just another Manic Mommy

A Mom Two Boys

The Mom Bomb

Bad Mom

When I was going through my files, I also came across this award...

In abject humiliation I must admit that Kalynne gave me this award back in ...APRIL!!! Could this be? Yes, it could. This is the state of my chaotic filing life. Kalynne, I've now put on the dunce cap and am sitting in the corner. Thank you so much, and I apologize for not acknowledging this much sooner! I will come out from my corner to present this to...


Whopping Cornbread

Minnesota Matron

It's a Mad Madge World

From the Frontlines

Don Mills Diva

Mama Milton

Special Note to Kalynne: Honey, if I could give you back both of the above awards I would. But, you've already got them. I'll have to come up with some exotic award for you. Give me time... it will come to me.

The lovely Angeline, who writes from Singapore, presented me with a friendship award. She blogs about life with her two boys: KeatKeat and BinBin. Please go visit her. She's a lovely treat.

I'd like to offer this up to any of you who would like it. I value all of your friendships and this blogging community is awesome! Now I know it is a little wierd when people do this - tell you to just take it, but I want you to take it. Really. Yes, that means you. All of you who take the time to come here and read my posts. I appreciate you so much. Thank you. I hope you take it. And wear it proudly!

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  1. It's always good to get new stuff when you're remodeling.

    Thanks for the bloggy love!

  2. I'm blushing madly over your compliments! (Hyperbole, people; it's all hyperbole...but she does it so ELEGANTLY, doesn't she?)

    Mwah, JCK! See you in three weeks!

  3. Congratulations on your lovely awards! People know a great, wonderful thing when they see it!

  4. Thank you for describing me as 'lovely' *MUACK* My face is so hot now....

    You certainly deserves ALL these credits, girl!!!

  5. Great week :)
    Congrats on the awards!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Thank you so much! You will always be a woman of distinction in my book. How could i ever forget someone who gave me the phrase "jack o'clock?"

  8. Hey, thanks for the link to My So Called Sex LIfe. Whodathunk I enjoy reading from anything Goodhousekeeping? But she's got some great writing there. Want to check out your other recommends.

    Ahh. So many blogs, so little time! I love it.

  9. yup, I just acknowledged a few awards I got in APRIL today as well. It must be going around. I saw Laskigal did it, too.


  10. You are swell, thanks much! Suddenly I'm feeling very edgy, and bold, and informative modern unique & humorous. I think I need a nap...

    Congrats to you for being recognized as all those things & more - you should have a nap, too :D

    See you soon!

    [Please forgive if this magically posts 2x; I'm having Blogger issues]

  11. Congrats and you totally deserve them all.

  12. What I really like about you is that you hip me to other really cool bloggers! That's so generous, and so great!

  13.'re one popular lady. Deservedly so!

    And thanks for passing one along to me! You made my "OMG, I have a lot to do today-BLAH" mood turn into an "OMG, I can't wait to meet JCK tomorrow" mood!

  14. Thank you so much - I am honoured!

    And congrats on your bling - soooo well deserved.

    See you soon!

  15. Ah, thanks for the pitch. I love your writing and can't wait to meet you on Friday. And, if it's any consolation, it's Wednesday and I have NOTHING packed. Leaving in the morning. You'll do great.

  16. THANK YOU! And thanks too for the peek into your favorite peeps. More reading to do now!


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