Sunday, July 13, 2008

My intellectual sanctuary...currently in transition

Manager Mom has asked us to reveal our intellectual sanctuary for her Open Your Office idea. Where we go for deep contemplation, brilliant ideas and such. It just so happens that my personal refuge, my creative corner, is in my office. And it also happens to be that my office is undergoing Project: Office Annihilation & Creative Reconfiguration. So, above is a picture of what it looks like now...soon to be the updated, much better, dreamier version.

What I love about the office space is all the books. As you can see there are a lot of them... My maternal grandparents always had a library in their home. And we have decided to go for that look in here. On Friday we picked out the color! It is Benjamin Moore's Caliente. I finally have my red room! I've been negotiating this for years. You just have NO idea...
I've been blogging just over a year now. My goal was to write regularly, preferably every day. I had always talked about writing, but had yet to really do it. It is difficult to tell from the photos, but believe it or not, I actually enjoy neat, organized spaces. It comforts me. I used this as an excuse for myself for a long time - once I get the office organized, I'll start writing. I can't write in this chaotic space - was my mantra. One day I started a blog and I've been writing ever since. I am THRILLED that my husband and I are going to create a work space that we love here in the office, but it feels good to know that I started writing despite the mess.

My ideas come to me most often when I'm driving or doing household tasks - preparing food in the kitchen or folding laundry. I have little post-it notes everywhere with notes jotted down. Usually I hear a sentence in my head and it goes from there. With my poetry, it is the same. The important piece for me is listening.

Please go over to Manager Mom to check out how others are opening up their offices. Great idea, Manager Mom!
And feel free to check back here for the unveiling of my new creative space... err not exactly sure when that will be.

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  1. love all those books! can't wait to see those red walls!

    i thought you were off-line for a few days? just can't stay away can you?

  2. RED!!! of all colours, that's the one that didn't cross my mind! WoW!

  3. Red. If I could be a room, I would be red. Love it. :)

  4. Red, marvelous red...can't wait to see! (My favorite color)

    If I waited to write until my desk/office was neat, I would never write (though I've used it as an excuse to procrastinate before). Fortunately, I'm good at tuning out the mess on my desk.

  5. Aye caramba! The "caliente" will no doubt be fabuloso. Red is the color of power, so why not for your power room!

  6. Only boring women have tidy houses!

    Red - lovely.
    I had a lacquer red dining room'll never feel chilly in red...I hope you realise, it's quite a sexy colour...will you two be alright in there? ;-)

  7. I love to be surrounded by books! I have an image of my dream office - hope it happens someday. I am the organization queen. It makes me calm and content to know where everything is, and for everything to have a place. I like things to be clean, too, but with a husband who is a slob, this is a losing battle at times!
    Caliente - Are you sure that shouldn't be your bedroom color? ; )

  8. I can't wait to see the finished product!

  9. I have always heard red stimulates the mind so I say GREAT CHOICE

  10. I can't wait to see your office unfold (wait, is that the wrong metaphor? oh well....) You've been such an inspiration to me, jck, for blogging - I really remember what you said when I met you about wiriting something every day, like "morning pages." I'm having so much fun!!

    Now I can't wait to see what happens with your office! Red sounds very stimulating!

  11. OOOOOHHHHHH> Drooling over the red color! Can't wait! (Are you having fun? Where are you? This blogging in advance is confusing.)

  12. It is kind of hard to not love a room filled with books. And one that's painted caliente is sure to be even more inspiring.

    Thanks for letting us in :D

  13. Oh wow, I cannot wait to see the finished product. And as one who has a "red" space, I can tell you it is mighty inspiring (hasn't quite inspired the completion of my book, yet, BUT still: inspiring).

    I'm also loving all those books I'd love to peek at some of them! Whatcha got up there?

  14. Love your space, can't wait to see the finished product.
    I too love to surround myself with books, so comforting and lovely, all those colourful spines and delicious words...
    Good luck on the redo and here's hoping you find some way to rid her little mind of Pinocchio, scary stuff.
    Oh and have a blast at Blogher, you lucky girly you.


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