Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I've learned a few things by using the computer at the library. A 2 hour time limit is perhaps... a good thing.

She has arrived. She of the red sheath. She of I'M TOO SEXY FOR A LAP TOP, TOO SEXY FOR A LAP TOP, TOO SEXY FOR A LAP TOP. However, if you could see me at the moment (and I'd take a picture, but can't upload it at present...) you would sigh a DEEP sigh of relief that you are not me. Chaos reigns here at Casa de Motherscribe and I need to take some breaths.


OK, I am writing this post at the dining room table. Perhaps that sounds delightful. It is not. Because I leave for BlogHer in 2 days and have yet to pack, type out lists for E about the kids' everyday stuff, and of course cannot find all the BRILLIANT blog posts that I started by hand yesterday...because, well...they are fucking LOST. Amidst the RUMBLE IN MY JUNGLE. Did I mention chaos? Yes, I did.


That was me taking deep breaths again. Yeah...need some more.


So, the office is almost done with the painting. The red is NAUGHTY! Then the desk will go in, then the computer. A wonderful friend came over last night and got us online again. We're not in the office yet, but we're up! My lap top is connected to our home network. Sounds so BIG. Network. Like we are doing IMPORTANT things here. By GOD, we are. Not... Tonight, the hope is that he can show me how to do the wireless deal. The wireless router is hooked up. I just have to get wireless.

I hope to post once more before I leave for my trip...but, it looks doubtful. I need to get things in order or.... You don't want me to cry do you? I thought not. My wails would be heard bloggerwide. And I'd rather not be called a big, fat cry baby.

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  1. Red is naughty in all the right ways.

    Keep up the good fight.

  2. Keep treading water; it will all be over soon. Have fun at BlogHer!

  3. You'll find those blog posts some other time when you need them.

    Have a great time at BlogHer! (I'm getting good at typing that to everyone who's going, without bitterness. Really.)

    I'm going to look for you on the webcast of the People's Party!

  4. I'm dying to see that red office!

  5. A red sheath eh? Sounds kinky.

  6. Love the red laptop!!!Matches the office!

    do they have one in blue?

  7. you said sheath.

    that is all.

    see you tomorrow!

  8. Lady in red...have fun in your naughty room!

  9. Take a deep breath. You'll survive. And, yay for getting the office back in bizness. Have a great trip.

  10. We need pics of that naughty office!

  11. I fully expect your writing to change now that you have HOT, HOT, HOT walls. It might be time to write that trashy romance novel!

    Have a great time! If you see Kellan with her nerdy pushcart, please take it away from her before the other kids start making fun of her!

  12. Oh joyous joy for you, I hope.

    See you soon! SO excited!

    (I will not speak in exclamation points, promise).

  13. Have so much fun. And try to come back with a lengthy and picture-filled recap! I'll be waiting!


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