Monday, January 7, 2008

poetry lives here, in this place

Looking out at the winter landscape
greys and deep greens
poetry lives here, in this place
whispered through the trees.

A vision of lush, yellow lemons
cool raindrops...dangling,
a bluebird's screech and
an explosion of crisp, white flowers.

Our hot foreheads have been kissed
by the rain....

Tomorrow a vision of blue sky,
the birth of verdant hills,
mountains dusted by snow
and air clean enough to devour...

Written in a spare, quiet moment on a winter's day.... JCK

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Lisa Milton said...

I love poetry, but I am usually scared off.

I think you may have inspired me to give it a try.

Mary Alice said...


happygeek said...

Thank-you for a beautiful picture! I can see it so clearly in my mind's eye!

Mrs. G. said...

This is beautiful.

Jen said...

"Poetry lives here, in this place" - what a beautiful line, and so true. If we just took the time more often to look around, I think we would see/hear the poetry all around us. I also write poetry, but I have yet to post one. Not sure why that is. Hope you share some more.

Kellan said...

That was beautiful! It brought to mind the red bird (really bright red) I saw in my back yard a few days ago. You are very talented my friend - I so love reading your thoughts and getting to know you. See you soon. Kellan

HRH said...

Yeah! Love it.

Jodi said...

this is wonderful. thanks for posting it.

A Mom Two Boys said...

Beautiful! I love that our hills are turning "verdant" although I would have called it boring old green. Your way is much better than mine. That's why I'm such a purposefully horrible poet, although I appreciate your nice comments! :0)

Lindsay said...

I have received all your emails but do not think you are getting mine back... check and see if they went into spam!
I am unsure if you have instant messenger, if emails do not work maybe we can chat
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