Thursday, January 24, 2008

all about me meme - links to 5 posts

That woman who drives a kamikaze minivan, HRH, over at June Cleaver Nirvana has tagged me for " It's all about me: links to 5 posts" meme. I will do my best, Missy. Please know that I can't be responsible for the following choices as I am currently in severe chocolate withdrawal as a certain husband forgot to arrive home last night with the requested stash. True, the weather is doing a good imitation of a tropical monsoon, and he would have had to brave the fierce elements, but COME ON! I mean what IS really important here? I guess I should have put a big note around his neck to remind him. "WIFE DESPERATE FOR CHOCOLATE." A reminder to keep the wife ....satisfied. Or ELSE!

It's all About Me meme: linking 5 of my posts (pull up a chair, perhaps a chaise lounge...and a big bottle of the good stuff and settle in...)


1) Acknowledge the person who tagged you. Thanks, HRH! (yeah...thanks a LOT ...only took me 4 friggin' hours to come up with these gems of blathering prose...)

2) Tag other blogging SISTUHS and leave a comment on their blog letting them know that you have tagged them.

3) Go back through your archives and post the links to five favorite blog posts that you have written.

But there is a catch:
Link 1: must be about family.
Link 2: must be about friends.
Link 3: must be about yourself, who you are… what you’re all about.
Link 4: must be about something you love.
Link 5: can be anything you choose.

And so here I go:

Link 1 (family): No stinky butts, a few jellyfish and beauty thy name is swimming pool captures some of the adventures we had visiting my mom on an island in the Gulf of Mexico, this past summer.

Link 2 (friends): Grown-up time is good describes a well needed dinner party with friends, well sort of ...there was some interference by small children.

Link 3 (who am I anyway?): Saved by the perpetual neglect of the unfolded laundry, I think, gives a glimpse into who I am.

Link 4 (what I love): These are a few of my favorite things, inspired by Mrs. G, gave me an opportunity to list A LOT of things I love. Warning...the post doth go on and on...

Link 5 (anything): We made it. Barely... is the story of me traveling with both children last summer, alone, on 2 airplanes relatively unscathed (depending on your perspective) only to reach the break-down point at the Jacksonville Airport around midnight...

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  1. Oh, thank you jeebus. You did not tag me. I lurves you. yer friend, liv

  2. Umm, thank you? After liv's comment, I'm not so sure, LOL!

    This looks like an interesting meme. I'm glad to get a sense of what your favorite posts are...because it illuminates who you are.

  3. Oh, LIV you silly girl you. You are going to scare people away. For shame! Heehee. Yes, poor Liv got hit with an 8 things meme that was 8 ways of torture and I think took 8 days to come up with.

    SM - I thought it was an interesting meme, too. Until I had to pick. And then I felt THE PRESSURE. I'm sure you will tantalize us with delightful posts!

  4. I really enjoyed reading all the ones you chose. I wish I had the time to go back and read more of your older posts. Actually, when I first stumbled across your blog I went to the beginning and read a few of those, and they were FUNNY! You were all over the place - no wonder with 2 babies at once! Thank God I didn't try to write when Dylan was a baby and had colic - they would mostly be Buh, Buh, Buh, and me banging my head against the wall, and letters I planned to give Jim saying "Good Luck, I'll see you when he's about one".

  5. I believe I have read these all. You have most excellent favorite things.

  6. Yeah! I enjoyed all your hard work. I do think the plane story was my favorite due to our recent experience--thank God you talked the rental car place into renting you a car otherwise boy might still be going around the conveyor belt...I am also going to use your laundry story as proof that a basket full of clothes should be available in case of emergencies! Good night...I am going to dream of the ocean waves gently kissing the beach...

  7. oh! thank. you. so. much.

    i was going to repaint the living room, do thirty loads of laundry, and give myself a complete make over today. but instead i'll do this meme!

  8. Uh, thanks for tag! I'm pretty lazy as far as memes go, but I think I might be able to handle this one ;)

  9. Well believe it or not I just got to this tag and it didn't take me 109809380948309284093280948204 days.

    A new world record.


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