Thursday, January 3, 2008

Yes, GIRL, GOD is in there

Mommy, does GOD talk? asked BOY.

............................................................................deep reflective thought in which said Mommy tries to come up with answers.

Well, I think GOD talks to us in a different way. When it rains or when there is a beautiful rainbow across the sky, or we see a lovely flower - all of these things are GOD's way of talking to us.

Mommy, I'm NOT fooling around. I'm serious, says BOY.

Well, I'm serious, too, BOY. It is a difficult question to answer, but I told you what I think is true of GOD.

20 minutes later... apparently we are focused on LIFE issues today....

Mommy, GOD isn't a man, right? says GIRL.

That's right, GIRL, GOD is not a man or a woman.

Yes HE is a MAN! That's why he has feet, says BOY. [I guess we women are more known for our legs.]

Well, BOY, I don't think GOD has feet. He doesn't have a body like ours. He is like air.

How does he stand? asks GIRL.

He doesn't need to stand, GIRL. He is everywhere. He is in our heart, in the world around us, everywhere.

Does he have a mouth? asks GIRL.


Well, how does he eat? asks GIRL.

I don't think he needs to eat.

Is my chest my heart? asks GIRL?

Well, GIRL, your heart is underneath your chest. Under the skin and bones, inside.

And GOD is in there? GIRL says with a smile.

Yes, GIRL, GOD is in there.

It seems the New Year has started out with deep, contemplative questions. Unfortunately, these questions are occurring when I have been pummeled by a horrible cold. Nothing like being grilled by preschoolers when your head is in a fog of NyQuil. And now I'm off to crash on the couch with 2 small children, snuggle down and watch a movie. Hopefully there won't be a multiple choice test afterwards.... Happy New Year ALL!

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  1. They are precious, although I think it would be difficult to answer some of those questions even without the fog of Nyquil. I think your ultimate conclusion (God's inside) is right-on.

  2. I'm with Rima. I think the nyquil can only help.

  3. You are such a good mom. I am so inconsistent and baffled by my own religious beliefs (feminist + lapsed catholic + belief in a higher power = spiritual wreck) that I might have simply cranked up the Raffi and pretended not to hear.

  4. I like your answers. Kids questions are tough, but I love how they think. Once a preschooler asked me, "How come girls have to wear shirts, but boys don't?" I answered, "A girl's chest is much more exciting than a boy's chest, and people wouldn't be able to concentrate". He smiled, and said "I like how you always answer my questions".

    There is something for you on my blog, by the way.

  5. Nyquil or not, you answered your kids well. Trust they let you enjoy your movie after!

  6. You answered VERY well JCK. I so agree with Rima. These kid-isms just don't stop, do they? Very sweet.

  7. kindly keep your introspective kids away from my blissfully uninterested in philosophical issues children. kthxbai!

  8. i love these conversations. kids have such a better perspective on the big questions.

  9. I think you handled it well too, but I'll agree with Liv! I dread those questions. We had a few interesting ones at my grandfather's funeral, but nothing like that yet. I'm also in Mrs. G's boat - different equation but same final answer. I may let my husband, who is not as conflicted, answer those questions. That's quality parenting, there. "Go ask Daddy."

  10. I like your answers and I love that BOY said "I'm not fooling around"

    My 14 year old Little Red recently told me that when she was little she imagined God to just be a big floating head. I was puzzled for a while and I finally "Why?" "Oh because everyone always said God had no body" AhHA!

  11. what a beautiful conversation! I just finished Eat Love Pray and I'm feeling extra contemplative myself.

  12. I think you did pretty good all NyQuil'd up. Hope you feel better soon,


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