Sunday, January 27, 2008

LOST -Part 2 for the technically challenged

I still haven't gotten the YouTube thing down yet. I deleted the video this first time. Hence, the lovely Liv's comment below...which I shan't erase.

I know YOU thought I just had to blog about LOST did give me an excuse to post pictures of Sawyer & Jack.

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  1. well, i could tell you that my children have been sleeping for 12 hours a night beginning at 7:30 PM each evening since they were each 9 months old, but that would probably dismay many a mother who are sleep deprived.

    here's liv's plan: you say, "hey kids! it's time for bed!" then, you put them in their beds, read a story, and walk out. they think they'll be cute and come out once of twice, and then you shuttle them back and tell them that mummy is having private time with the tv and a cocktail. voila!

  2. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!! I'm a Sawyer fan - I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

    See ya - Kellan

  3. Mmmm. Sawyer. Jack, I'd marry. But I'd have a crazy, closed-circuit-videotaped-in-a-gorilla-cage sex that I'd later regret, but not totally, with Sawyer.


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