Friday, January 4, 2008


We are preparing for ........ the BIG RAIN. Yes, it is true. Our usual blue skies will be clouded over and much BIG RAIN is expected. The weather service is saying: RAINFALL RATES BETWEEN ONE HALF AND ONE INCH PER HOUR WILL BE LIKELY AT TIMES DURING THE STORM...WITH LOCALLY HIGHER RATES POSSIBLE ON SOUTH AND SOUTHWEST FACING MOUNTAIN AND FOOTHILL LOCATIONS.

I shouldn't jest about this. Some people will probably suffer mud slides and other nightmarish incidents. But, living in Los Angeles county has its own amusements and the condition in which people here meet rain is...well, quite humorous. There is the fact that no one knows how to drive in the rain. At all. Put your headlights on during the rain, what's that? Keep to your side of the road, why? Prevent yourself from panicking and hitting the brakes too hard, oh is it raining? It reminds me of Atlanta when it snows. Everyone mobs the grocery stores and stocks up with a year's supply of goods and the city shuts down. And secretly everyone loves it.

Here, the town doesn't shut down, but because of the news of the BIG RAIN, I find myself checking my pantry to make sure we are well stocked with Jack Daniels, Coke, red wine...and of course, chocolate. There are 3 storms expected to pass through. My GOD, surely we need more? And so then, yes, I am running to my Trader Joe's and stocking up on essentials, foods that we cannot do without - popcorn, milk, granola, Blue Castello cheese, and maple syrup. And you better believe the place was packed! GIRL and I in our rain jackets with hoods made the mad dash inside, nearly side-swiped by people also rushing inside to get out of the MISTING rain. Wouldn't want that rain to mess up your hair now would ya?

See, GIRL, that's someone with VERY, VERY BAD MANNERS! I said as someone poked me with their stadium sized umbrella. My GOD, it was the ARMAGEDDON. Well, maybe not that bad, but close. Since GIRL had stayed home because of waking up with a very CROUP-like cough, I used that to our advantage to clear the aisles. GIRL, think you could do a little cough right now? I whispered. BARK! BARK! Instant clearing. Gotta love these childhood viruses!

We managed to get safely home and GIRL conveniently dozed off as we were driving up our street. She is now safely ensconced in her bed and I intend to go to mine. I'm still recovering from the cold that kicked my ass to New Jersey & back. No offense, New Jersey. Truthfully, I need to rest up for the BIG RAIN. After all, I can rest easy now that we're well provisioned. And there's nothing like curling up and listening to the drum of rain on the roof. Gotta take it when you can... I'll batten down the hatches...later.

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  1. wow. rain? that's awful. because after a year of absolutely no rain, GA finally got some on the last two days of the year. sheesh. but no snow. that's called living below the piedmont.

  2. stay safe and away from those crazy drivers..

  3. You are really making me jealous, you know that? I want to live somewhere where RAIN is the biggest problem. I start my mantra sometime around November each year..."Why do we live here? Why do we live here..."

  4. The other thing you have to rest up for is the non-stop news coverage of the rain with pre-empting of any actual TV show so they can show news correspondents throughout the Southland standing in various streets that don't have any drainage knee high in water. Oh, such fond memories of LA...

  5. I'm just going to say this straight up: you would never make it in Seattle. Don't move here.

  6. That sounds like San Antonio and our weather reports - always so dramatic! I hope you stay dry and are able to just stay inside this weekend and enjoy watching the rain out your windows. See ya. Kellan

  7. Oh, the rain! We must live in the same area, cause I'm pretty sure the "South Facing Mountain" thing is pretty limited to this little area of the world. So, hi! I found you on June Cleaver Nirvana...I loved your comment about the JD in coke. Totally something I would say, and quite frankly, I'm bummed I didn't think of it first! Hope you're staying dry!

  8. Ha! I used to live in Charlotte, and what you describe is the way people acted when there was snow in the forecast. And no one knows how to drive in it, either.

    But I agree - there is something very cozy about sitting in a warm lighted house with your Trader Joe's booty, listening to the driving rain outside (as long as it doesn't flood your basement or wash your car away.)

    Stay safe!

  9. Forgive me if I laugh hysterically while reading this post. I know flooded rooms are no picnic. But you are too dang funny.
    I used to live in Nashville - we had the same reaction as Rima describes when snow was forecast. No bread or milk to be had at the grocery store. In 30 years I think the deepest snow we had was about 7 inches. Usually it was 1-2, if any.

    BTW, I have linked my taggees as you requested. Meant to do it in the first place and somehow missed it. Several of them have actually participated.


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