Thursday, January 31, 2008

...when all through the house, not a little creature was stirring, not even a BOY or GIRL


"If you attempt, as I recently did, to describe the events of the first two episodes of the new season of "Lost" to someone who hasn't watched the show in a while, you will find it a humbling experience. So much cool stuff happens it is difficult to articulate properly - rescuers arrive, except chances are they aren't actually rescuers..." By Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times.

I've got the chocolate stash for two (me!) The VCR ready to go if BOY fails to be out by 7:45pm. And friends ready to call after it airs. A plane bearing a LOST banner flew by today. Just for me. All is right with the world. Now if they would only make a banner of Sawyer, without his shirt...

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  1. Hope your LOST experience was heaven!

  2. i hope it's great.

    from liv, who has no idea what's on tv anymore.

  3. I have just one word for you. TIVO. It changed my life!

  4. I hope it's a great episode! Sawyer is dreamy. Rugged and rough and dreamy.

  5. ... i just finished watching the first episode!

  6. What do you think? Are they rescuers or not? Why did Hurley say he was one of the "Oceanic Six"? Do only 6 of them leave? What happens to the rest? Why does Jack and Hurley want to go back? So many questions, so few answers. It is fun, though, huh?

  7. Yes! To all of what Jen said above.

    I would like to add that of the 'main cast' I would sleep with:

    Hell, let's say I *wouldn't* go for Hurley or Locke and leave it at that?


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