Thursday, January 10, 2008

Warning: rambling & WHINING MOMMY ahead

I'm having one of those days. One of those days in which I feel that I am unraveling. I am clearly trying to do too many things and not doing any of them well. Yes, I am a very good multi-tasker, but I'm beginning to feel like I did in my previous life in the working world when I worked for 4 bosses at once on an executive level and they needed everything NOW. I have many things "due NOW" at the moment, but the over expectant boss is me. I've truly got to sit down and put myself on some kind of routine. The only reason that I managed all of those people was because I managed them. I had them on schedules. I cracked the whip, baby - although this was years after I used to wear a skin-tight leopard print unitard and carry a whip to work as Sadistic Sadie. But, I need Sadie back - for REAL. A little whip action on my own ass would help about now. Not that I really used the whip. That would be another story. And this is a family friendly blog. A F*CK ACHOO! That was supposed to be a large sneeze, just in case you were wondering. I'm UNUSUAL.

O.K., one more thing ...just to reveal how very nutty I am today. I almost started venting to that FUR REAL cat - who, incidentally has been the absolute hit with the under 5 crowd. And apparently with mothers going insane. Hey it blinks, tilts its head and meows, what better listener could I have? I need someone to vent to, and I certainly can't upchuck this all over E when he gets home. I've learned that much in marriage. Well, usually. And believe me, I'm tapering myself here. O.K.... cut off time IS NOW.

The morning started out very normally. I was up until 2AMish (for the 3rd night in a row), unable to fall asleep due to 24hr allergy medicine that is supposed to be helping me decongest. So, I overslept until 7am and launched myself in the shower. E out the door and kids were up - before me. Managed to impressively get kids dressed and breakfast on the table, although we were detoured by GIRL refusing to put her shoes on before coming to the table, which resulted in a 20 minute meltdown, which resulted in us getting BOY late to his 1/2 day daycare, which resulted in accelerated anxiety for him. All of this my fault, really, because I overslept. Much as I'd like to blame the temper of a 3 year old girl, it all boils down to my not getting my own morning together. So, that's that.

And despite all of this chaos ruling, and there have been worse mornings, I'm just moaning basically, because I CAN. Even if you tune me out. I still can. Because, I'm wearing my BIG OL' WHINING MOMMY badge today. Tomorrow, I will be more together.

And SO...despite all of this chaos, my little GIRL asks me on the way to school this morning, "Mommy are homeless people real?" Jesus. Why me, LORD, why me? And yes, RIMA, you asked if I have these philosophical conversations on a daily basis with my kids?...apparently we are on quite a roll here. Please, please do not be impressed. Because, if you really want to know, usually the biggest thing that is discussed in our house is POOP. Poop at dinner, poop in the bathroom and of course the word poop thrown around - just for fun. Of course there can be philosophical conversations about poop, but in this house...NAAH. I'm off to make lists, prioritize and breathe. Not necessarily in that order. Liv, I could use some of your OOMMMSSS about now, honey! Make me laugh SISTAHS!

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  1. Ummm, so those whiney-mom badges. Do you think they carry them in Canada too? Could use with one of those, maybe a whip on the side!
    I AM so utterly thankful for a 3 year old with a language delay, about the only question he asks is "what's for supper?"
    Here's to a better day tomorrow!

  2. Um, would you care for a nanny story, because I KNOW you will feel 100% better that you are not living my "divinely insane" life, right? Let me just say this, it involves a urinary infection, peeing 6 times in 1 hour, (twice on the floor, once on me, 3 times in her clothes), no more clean underwear or pants, and her mom telling me on the phone to "keep her on the toilet until I get home" (it takes her 1/2 hour to get home). That was only the FIRST part of the day. Buhbuhbuhbuh(me running my fingers over my lips - as I am insane, you know) Feel better? Glad I could help.

  3. HappyGeek - every good woman could use a whip, even in Canada.

    Jen- O.K., this is definitely working. You're making me laugh. Especially teh buhbuhbuh of running your fingers over your lips. You divinely insane woman, you!

  4. Hey, my motto: when in doubt, wine! So you're close enough to that.

    I saw that cat at the store. He freaked me out just a bit (but so did that shrek baby doll - egads)!

  5. I was stopping in for a quick check and then saw the title of your post and pulled up a chair. OMG do I know your pain...I hate the lack of sleep thing and blame it on any loss of mommy perspective throughout the next 48 hours. So whine are preaching to the choir here and we are here to sing you a sympathetic tune. It might be out of tune, but it might sound better then more poop conversations or not or we could sing a song about poop, but you probably already know it. Which means you could sing along and that could cheer you up. OK, that is all I got, and it isn't much, but there it is. Tomorrow is another day!

  6. JCK, you know I'm all about whiney posts (even though I'd say this one was pretty funny). You gotta vent.

    And I don't care if your kids talk about poop the other 99% of the time (who doesn't?), they are still having some seriously deep thoughts.

  7. dude. don't get me on fragging furreal friends. that squawkers mccaw is going down.

  8. Could you pass me the whining badge when you're done with it. I've had a day full of teens that has generated a similar feeling of inadequacy and deflation. But the good news (always) is that tomorrow is another day.

  9. it's so easy to get off the routines and then you pay the price. but sometimes you have to get off them -- even if you are going to pay for it later. grrrr, they do grow up. at least that's what they tell me...

  10. I'm afraid I have nothing super cheery or funny to say. I'm blaming it on a new infliction: Rant's Disease.

    I see problems, problems everywhere and I want to storm the castle.

    Or take a nap.

    Take heart. Another day will come.

  11. We all have "those" days. The real cats freak me out. Shudder.

  12. It's Saturday afternoon, I hope you are feeling MUCH better by now.

  13. I'm sorry you were having a crummy time and yet I'm chuckling because the way you write it...well, it makes me laugh. A little unravelling is good for us gals. It gives us an opportunity to rearrange the way we wind ourselves back up into a new and improved schedule...or life. It sounds like you already have a plan for this. Good luck and hope to see you around soon!


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