Sunday, January 6, 2008

Being one small part of a generous community

The lovely and generous Jen over at Rants & Raves honored me on the first day of the year, no less, with this Best Blogging Buddies award. If you don't know about Jen, she is not only a mother, but a ....NANNY. Yes, she has her own children and then watches other children. I know. She must be divinely insane. Her posts depicting life on both sides are really funny and I loved this recent post on her review of the children's book "Goodnight Gorilla." Jen, thank you so much for this award.

What I really like about this award is that it reflects being part of a community. And as we launch into 2008, it feels very special to be part of the incredible fellowship I have found here on my blog, and more importantly the opportunity to discover your blogs and be a part of the communities that all of you are building.

And with that in mind, I'd like to award this to the following people:

To Rachel who discovered my blog during NaBloPoMo, when I was recounting the story of our infertility and failed IVFs and hung in there through the happy ending of our little miracles through adoption and a very unexpected pregnancy. After many years of infertility herself, Rachel has 5 miracles of her own and another on the way! She is building a community on infertility, sharing her knowledge and providing inspiration to others.

To A Mom Two Boys who just recently started a blog and is working on building her community. She has to have THE MOST ROMANTIC BRIDAL SWOON picture ever taken on a beach as her blog header. If it is really her, then I am just flat out jealous. And I like her because she likes the fact that I am known to drink JD & Coke on occasion. She wrote a very, clever witty post linking several bloggers here.

To HRH at June Cleaver Nirvana, who should get an award just for the title of her blog. She started commenting on my blog, which was a gift for me to find her blog. And she drives a minivan, which puts her close to my heart. Although, her minivan appears to be an attack vehicle. She continues to leave us in suspense over the outcome of the removal of her stitches. Please report on your condition IMMEDIATELY, woman!

To Mary Alice From the Frontlines who always makes great comments on every one's blogs. She is all about community. And the first time I went to her blog, I was intrigued by her profile where she describes herself having "an unconventional up-bringing in an extraordinarily large bohemian California family that drove a VW micro-bus." She also said she likes to kick back at the end of the day and "eat a small wheel of brie." A girl after my own heart. This post about her relationship with her daughter called, The Middle Child, melted my heart.

To Amy at Milk Breath and Margaritas who takes us through her very personal and immediate story of going through early menopause...very unexpectedly. At 40 she had a baby and then went through menopause. I liked her post on Blog Me vs. Real Me and whether the person we present as ourselves on our blog is really us.

I'd also like to make a special mention of Kellan who epitomizes what a "blogging buddy" is and she IS all about community. She wraps me up in her words and is a consummate storyteller. And she is a lovely person. We are of a similar age, although she was a mere babe when she became a mom. Smart woman. Her. I especially liked this heartfelt post called The Journey, that she wrote on Thanksgiving day. Kellan also received this award from Jen, but if I could I'd give it to her again. Kellan recently gave out these awards to all of her readers (of which there are many!) In her generous style, I'd like to pass them along to all of you who would take them as yours. Enjoy! I hope they come to you, as they did me, on one of those tough days. Here's to another year full of Yumminess and it being acceptable to be a Crabby Mommy!

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  1. Thank you :-) I'm honored! I loved reading your story & it really is an amazing one. I guess every story in which I see how much people appreciate being given the gift of being parents makes me happy.

  2. What a lovely tribute to your blogging friends! It looks like I have a lot of new blogs to check out :)

  3. Yay! More blogs to read. I don't know, just yet, if that's a blessing or a curse as I look around my messy house.

    Oh well...rather read anyway.

  4. Congratulations on this great award - you are such a great friend to so many and you truly deserve it. Thank you for the kind words - I just couldn't ask for a better friend than you! I'll see you soon. Kellan

  5. Thank you! Thank you! My sister actually called to tell me, cause she was excited for me! I actually a haven't been on the computer today, but I haven't been FLYlady'ing appropriately either! I'd like to take this time to thank...oh, it's not like that? Okay, well, Thanks anyway! Blog friends are just as great and important as real life friends!

  6. Oh, and thanks for the nice comments on my wedding pics. It's all thanks to my photographer ( who is also a good friend and gave me a GREAT deal! Yay for connections!

  7. Thank you for your sweet write up. I am blushing now. I do love the support that the blogging community extends to one another...btw I hope your husband hasn't had to make anymore trips up to the roof to sweep. You gave me the woman-worry- hand ringing-thingy telling that.

  8. Yeah! Thanks so much...I am so excited that I may print out a big certificate to attach to the back of my silver minivan (which will have the added bonus of being able to locate my minivan in a parking lot of silver minivans). It's my first award so I have the right to be giddy. Thanks. And, I will make a full stitch report tomorrow--just for you.

  9. Congratulations JCK - you so deserve all these. Your infertility stories were truly amazing!

  10. "Divinely insane" - you do have a way with words, don't you? At least I only delve into the craziness part time, or I would probably be hopelessly insane.

  11. Thanks so much! I love this award!

    And you've linked a lot of blogs I'd like to check out!

  12. Rachel - thank you for bringing hope to so many people. And for supporting those who sometimes end up on a different path. ;)

    Rima - I figure giving you some blog reading is nicer than hitting you with that 8 zillion meme...I hope you'll take the yummy award, cause I love your blog!

    Lisa - reading blogs always trumps housework. Well...take a look around here. You get a big Yummy, too.

    Kellan - thank you! You are an inspiration on niceness.

    Momtwoboys - too funny on your sister calling you! And so I am OFFICIALLY jealous of your wedding pics.

    MaryAlice- blushing suits you! ;0 Rain appears to have passed with no husband injuries!

    HRH - I'm all for certificates plastered on vans, especially if it is about us!

    MamaGeek - thank you. You have been such a great commenter on my blog and I can't wait to see the track your life takes. You definitely deserve the Yummy award.

    Jen- well, I could have just said you were insane, couldn't I? But, that wouldn't be very friendly. And I know you are not. Just brave, too brave, my friend of infinite patience!

    Amy, you are so welcome! Wear it with pride. Definitely check out all the blogs. Quite a lot of talent out there!

    P.S. I didn't want to SAY that anyone DESERVES the cranky mommy award, but I thought it might come in handy. ;)


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