Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ready or not, here I come!

I'm starting to feel a bit panicked that nothing is happening on the job front. Well, that isn't exactly true. I have picked up some freelance work that I get to do from home, referred to me by a friend. But, my recruiter hasn't sent me out since the end of November and when I check in with her she says it is incredibly slow right now. Says the Writers' strike is creating havoc in LA county's job market in all areas. This probably is true, but hell, it makes me feel like an actor again - doing the "weekly check-in" with my agent. Been there. Done that.

I do have some requirements. I want a job close to home, with little to no overtime, that provides a decent salary and is family friendly. I don't think I'm being unrealistic, but having those parameters does limit me. And it still feels important and right to want those things. But, time is passing...

Ironically, I'm finally feeling very ready now to get a full-time job. And nothing is happening. I'm checking the job boards, continuing to do my own networking, and considering getting an additional recruiter at another employment agency. I do know that putting the energy out there usually brings something back to you. But, I feel like screaming: GIMMEE, GIMMEE, GIMMEE!

Tonight after a brief meeting at BOY & GIRL's daycare, I found myself not quite ready to go home yet. The kids were there, having a blast with E. I had left them with dinner on the table. And now I was a free woman, at least for another hour. Freedom!!! FREEDOM! So, I popped into Starbucks for a latte and scone, picked up a book at the fabulous local bookstore, and then sauntered into Target for some urgently needed AAA batteries for BOY's remote control train set. As I drifted from place to place, I found myself looking around and thinking...mmm... Starbuck's might be a good place to work, lots of happy people getting pumped up with caffeine....mmm Vroman's bookstore might be a great place to work...a job where I'd get to inhale books ALL day long...mmm...TARGET might be a fun place to work...I'm there practically everyday anyway. None of these jobs would realistically even pay for daycare, but...at this point everything is looking pretty good. ....OH, there goes a taxi...maybe there's a need for a chatty taxi driver? Maybe? Maybe. Not. Let's just say, I'm open. Well, I draw the line at being one of those people waving at you from the side of the road in a chicken costume. Once again: BEEN THERE. DONE THAT. But, that aside, I am READY to work. Ready or not, here I come!

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  1. Boy, do I know where you are coming from. I am looking for a new family to work for, and have been for a month or two now, and I'm getting anxious! I know what can happen when I start to get edgy - I take a job that doesn't really fit my wants, and then regret it. Stick to your guns! But hey, if you take the chicken suit job, can you pleeaassee post a picture?

  2. sending you good wishes on the job front. if you ever want to come teach yoga in small town GA, just let me know. i needs a break!

  3. You've done the chicken costume! Cool. I had a friend who's husband was the Energizer Bunny. The jokes were just too easy.

  4. I'm ready to pay someone to fold my laundry. I would pay a LOT. And you can watch TV the whole time. (Oh? You already have a job like that in your own house? Damn.)

    Good luck with the search. Something is bound to come your way.

  5. Oh, I can only imagine the blog fodder you would get as a taxi driver. Can you imagine all the stories you'd have to regal us with?

    Something will come up. And if it doesn't happen soon, I say go for Target, at least you'll get an employee discount on all the awesome stuff you can buy.

  6. the job hunt is horrible. i've been watching my husband struggle with it for over a year and it stinks. keep at it!

  7. Babe, you're getting delirious if you are considering a job at Target. Just saying...

    This weekend my daughter wanted to change her earrings for the first time since they were pierced seven months ago. I guess due to youth, she's all about healing wounds, because those holes just won't dry up and stay open. I had to force the earring through one lobe, trying not to cry or hurl. Then I swore on a stack of laundry that I would never, ever seek a job in a medical field or personal services.

  8. I hadn't thought about the writer's strike causing thousands of misplaced writers with nothing to write. That is too bad. Hang in there...we all know you are talented and tune in daily! Of all your choices....the bookstore sounds the best to me. I think there you would have the lowest maintenance shopper. I have seen people screaming at the Starbucks and Target people (not me of course...) Now about that chicken suit...

  9. Yeah, don't work at Starbucks. Some of those holier-than-thou types are very particular about their coffee and can be real jerks. I've seen customers make people cry. Customers suck.

  10. Sorry to hear that, indeed we are facing economy recession. But I do pray for you, you're so happy and positive and should have someone waive to you soon. Hold on and keep looking.

    John's Mom

  11. Stopping in again to say...awwwww YOU! Thank you for nominating me! And to give you some of these xoxoxoxoxo!

  12. No - I don't want to read any stories about you standing on a corner in a chicken outfit or driving a taxi - but, I am crossing my fingers that something comes along soon for you - I know it can be so frustrating waiting when you are so ready. Good luck - talk to you soon. Kellan

  13. It doesn't matter how well employed I am, if I see a "Help Wanted" sign, I think about it. Why is that?

    Blessings on you on the job front.

  14. I think the fact you have this much clarity about what to do speaks VOLUMES.

    Ummmm, you were an actor? Just when I didn't think I could idolize you ANYmore...

    Tell me, tell me - what were you in???

  15. I say go for the bookstore--maybe you could forgo daycare and boy and girl could sit quietly reading books all day as you worked?

    Yeah, you're right, the taxi's probably a better bet.

    Hope it turns around for you soon.

  16. Just when we thought the hole couldn't get much deeper, and entertaining reports of grand canyon size recession ahead, my husband's business is booming. He's in the creative field, too. . . an independent Graphic Artist. After 3 years of slippery slopes and declining $'s, I'm happy to say we've been blessed beyond measure heading into this new year. It's been an answer to prayers to numerous to count. God is so good! Came through in His perfect time. I know the right thing will be there for you.

    Just found your blog today, by the way. Very nice!


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