Saturday, January 5, 2008

We got us some BIG OL' RAIN down heah, honey

Oh we who are SO smug. So very smug. We who are amused by it, until IT turns against us. Yes, WE who would be...ME. Miss Large Mouth - all worked up about the BIG RAIN. And. It. Is. Really. Big. SO BIG in fact that it immediately started entering our living quarters, well the playroom, like I said our living quarters...after about 1 hour [tops] of pelting rain. Our playroom is a sunporch normally. Right now, we'll just call it a RAIN PORCH, shall we?

Oh, and you, a certain wench from Washington State, you can stop the belly chuckles. Don't move to Seattle, ha! We got us some BIG OL' RAIN down heah, honey, and it ain't some WOOSY, doosy stuff liken the lil' Mistys of Avalon you got up there in Northern country. No SUH. WE gots some MIGHTY BIG RAIN.

How do I know this? Well, tonight my husband E, who has very fine rounded ... calves, ventured out into the BIG RAIN, threw up a ladder, climbed up on the sunporch roof and was sweeping WAVES of water off the roof. I kid you not. Waves. The water was about 4 inches deep up there. I did my part and looked anxiously out the window as he traversed the wicked slip-slide of the wet roof with rain pounding him from all angles. I opened the door once and yelled out that he was doing a good job speaking in wife to husband lingo - "the leaking stopped IMMEDIATELY when you did that THING, E!" It didn't matter that I wasn't specific. I know that encouragement gave him the strength to go on. My brave man. The conquerer of THE BIG RAIN. My own private rain dancer. I'm not a bad dancer myself. In the dark, if you're blindfolded. GOOD GOD this rain is coming down! I better quit my bondage fantasies, put on some hip boots and get the life vests out. We may have no recourse but to sail away on the old potty seat. Now where did I put it.....

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  1. OMG! I am now worried about you and your roof perched husband...please tell me that things have calmed down and you are peacefully floating on big plastic toys in your playroom...

  2. HA!- The image of you all scrunched together atop the old potty seat, floating down the river that used to be your driveway, as E turns to you and says, "You just had to joke, didn't you?"

  3. The roof thing made me nervous, too. I hope everybody is dry and safe.

  4. Hi Girls! No worries. Thanks for your concern! The magnificent work of E caused the leak to stop immediately. He also unhooked,& cleaned out the gutter pipe. All the water was backing up on the roof due to this. We are fine. :) We're supposed to get more rain over the next couple of days, so hopefully our biggest challenge will be keeping BOY & GIRL occupied.

  5. i totally vouch for you. it was a huge rain. thankfully we are all dry over here. way to go, E!

  6. I am so sorry that I mocked you and your, what was it, DAY of rain. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to don my emerald velvet cape, climb on my snow white unicorn and gallop through the misty moors of Avalon.

    Seriously, I'm glad you're dry and safe.

  7. Johanna, glad you stayed dry. It was something, wasn't it?

    Mrs. G - I love you. Now, can I borrow that emerald velvet cape. I'm ready to gallop through the misty moors of Avalon as well. Am still reading the book...

  8. Good luck with the big family is all hunkered down...they lost part of the barn roof night before just blew away.

  9. We are getting big rain here in AZ today too. It's been raining non-stop since about 2 am. I love it though. At least it's some WEATHER! LOL


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