Saturday, January 19, 2008

... in the world of imagination and delight

The boy with eyes a startling blue,
and skin like a fuzzy peach,
cries at the descent of a balloon.

As if a death,
something ending,
he's unable to change its course.

His small body shakes with grief,
for moments there is nothing else to see,
but the loss.

The girl, his sister offers him
a small, red ball,
which at first he rejects,
and then is tightly embraced in his small fist.

The two of them nestle around their mother on the bed,
an island perched amongst a sea of scattered toys,
her soft arms encircling each one,
a kiss and squeeze pulling them in to her.

And so they read together, these three,
as if...
they are the only ones in the world,
of imagination and delight.


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  1. wonderful. there's nothing like having them snuggled in tight with some good books.

  2. So beautiful! I could almost see that balloon and ball and the delight on the faces to be in the arms of their sweet mother! What a gift. Take care my friend. Kellan

  3. I remember when we were kids being read to every night before bed. I tried to do that with my kids and they weren't interested. They couldn't/wouldn't sit still.

    It (kinda) broke my heart.

    so I read winnie the pooh to my wife instead. still.

  4. Wow, this was so beautiful JCK. Beautiful.

  5. How beautiful! I can see this etched into glass... Very precious.


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