Sunday, August 10, 2008

Questions, questions...the never ending questions...


Mommy, how does the tooth fairy KNOW when we lose a tooth?

Mommy, how does a baby get IN your tummy?

Questions, questions...the never ending questions...

Mommy, we have money because Daddy works and earns money, right?

That's right, GIRL. Daddy works very hard to earn money and take care of us.

YOU don't have any money.

Well, GIRL, I work hard, too. My job is to take care of you and BOY and that is a very important job. I just don't earn a salary for it.

GIRL is not yet 4 years old. And THAT is what I'm up against...

NOTE: Thank you all for your comments over my car accident last night. I'm feeling fine. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on meeting 3 hot mommas...The Philosopher Mom, Jenn from Juggling Life and Cheri from Blog this Mom!

We've had QUITE the weekend. Today my husband & I, BOY & GIRL were traveling on the freeway and a front tire blew out then disintegrated. We were in the fast lane, so E had to navigate our car across the freeway to the shoulder. He then proceeded to change the tire, (front driver's side tire on the traffic side), while I wildly waved my arms to oncoming traffic that was entering the freeway just behind us in an effort to keep the cars from getting too close. So, I found myself AGAIN on a freeway with maniacal drivers flying by. Didn't I just do this last night? Delightful.

........JCK? JCK? I believe JCK married JackO'Clock.

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flutter said...

oooo she is sassy

QT said...

BE CAREFUL!!! I am glad you are ok, but can you stay off the freeway for awhile????

Manic Mommy said...

I'd say you've caught your limit on highway (sorry - freeway) drama for while. Maybe get E a cross for his rearview mirror as well?

painted maypole said...

wow, those are some serious questions. my nearly 6 year old has (thankfully) not yet asked how a baby gets IN the tummy (and she knows we're really the toothfairy, so that's not an issue, thankfully)

i've done the broken down on the side of a CA freeway thing before. Very scary. Glad you're all safe

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

In about 10 years the question table will be turned on you--you'll be asking your teens questions all the time while they give up nothing.

Mine have started calling me a "question-talker."

Suzanne said...

do me a favor and stay off the roads for a while, just take a breather and enjoy the backyard or something!

Kellan said...

Oh, J - I'm sorry about the car accident from the other day and then this with the tire - WOW! This is one of my greatest fears -a blow out! I'm glad you are okay and you all are okay.

I love the questions kids ask - so often they are funny, but sometimes they really, really make you think.

Have a good day - Kellan

Kellan said...

Can't wait to hear about the girls and you meeting - I know Jenn and Cheri - how fun!

Ginaagain said...

Umm... I think I would stay out of the car for a few days. Yikes.

Janet said...

Great heavenly days, sweetie, I'm SO glad you're OK! I never blogged about nearly rolling my jeep over the hill (my inlaws read the blog), but maybe I should have! Then you would have known to stay out of the car for awhile. People are insane.

As to Girl's questions, oh my. We get a whole lot of WHY but so far nothing like that.

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I just read about the wreck. And, then a tire blow out? Oh, MY! What a traumatic weekend for you, dear. I hope you are feeling good.

And, has Girl stopped the "Don't listen to Mom" bit with boy?

Denise said...

My kids have it down perfectly:

Daddy's money = your money

Your money = your money

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Dear Girl,

Daddy's earnings are shared with Mommy 50/50, even though Mommy does most of the work. California is a community property state.

Love, Mommy's Lawyer

Jen said...

It might be a good day to stay home. Oh, and how did you get that picture of me?

happygeek said...

Cheri's comment had me rolling.

You all are moving somewhere without cars eh?

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

As I mentioned to a perfect stranger last New Year's Eve, I work my butt off; I'm just not paid.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Good grief woman! I believe the whole bottle is in order.

Seriously, wth? You be careful out there.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Stay off the freeway, JCK!!!!!

g at doves2day

Minnesota Matron said...

Well, the Matron could write a canned post promoting HER upcoming book but she will restrain.

Back to business.

Very sorry about the accident, Jennifer! That's terribly frightening and one of my biggest fears. And, on the questions? We went through much about the mom at home stuff with my children and once, when Stryker was asked what his parents did for a living, he said: "My dad sells houses and my mom cleans bathrooms."


AMomTwoBoys said...

OH LOOK! There's Jack O'Clock! ;0)

Angeline said...

I'm weird, I guess...I love to answer kids' questions (you never know what they'll ask next!),
so that probably why they stick to me like leeches, 'cos I'll never go, "Stop asking all those questions!!!" like their parents would...

hey it does sharpen my mind to give 'creative' answers that sometimes amaze myself too! *Big Laugh*

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