Saturday, July 21, 2007

The arrival of E and being flat out tired...

Last night E arrived close to midnight at the Jacksonville airport. I enjoyed showing him the spot where Boy & Girl had heaved their backpacks into the air in front of the rental kiosk, as well as the luggage beltway that Boy rode on.

It is great to have him back with us! Boy woke up again during the night, crying and fairly hysterical. So, we brought him in to sleep with us which calmed him immediately. I'm hoping he will be more relaxed at dad's beach house rental. He and Girl will be in a toddler bed and a in little cot in our room. He was so thrilled to see his Daddy, even as sleepy as he was. This morning when Girl woke up she wanted to see Daddy right away and gave him a silent hug that lasted 5 minutes. I counted. They have missed him so. I don't know if it is because E is here and now I can let my guard down a little, but suddenly I feel bone weary and the 17 days of being on my own with the kids - even with family helping, are hitting me ...HARD. I could sleep for DAYS!

We head to dad's beach house this afternoon. The cool thing is that it is about 20 minutes from here, so it will be the quickest trip we've had. I'm sure the "getting ready" will not be quick, but doable.

Mom just left to head back to the island. We really had a wonderful visit and the kids had a blast. I'm sure her car ride will be deliciously void of farting noises and inane, insanity provoking tunes. You've been a trooper, Mom!

This morning Boy is happily finding worms and little frogs after the summer rain storm and Girl is trying on her older cousins' clothes. Each in their little corner of heaven.

I finally got the kids to sleep last night by 8pm - a first since we left home. As I was trying to get Boy to go to sleep he looked at the glow-in-the-dark stars on the playroom wall and said with wonder, "It's a miracle!" Looking down at Boy and Girl in the darkened room last night with E, I saw them through his fresh eyes. Our little miracles...

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