Thursday, July 26, 2007

We're beginning to look like beach bums

We're beginning to look like beach bums. Even Girl has a tinge of brown from the sun. Boy looks like a surfer dude. This morning we spent our usual 3 hours down on the beach. There was another tidal pool in front of the sand bar and Boy and Girl would run off the end and jump into the water, staying afloat with their life vests. Then they would get up and do it again and again and again...

This afternoon we went into St. Augustine. They have an old fashioned Carousel and Boy and Girl sat side-by-side on their horses, loving the up and down movement. We walked around the quaint town shops, popping into a surfing shop; boy tried on a skate board, viewed the historic Catholic cathedral, and while the girls checked out a children's clothing boutique where Girl whipped off her shoes like an expert and checked out various adorned flip-flops, the boys played hacky sack in the alley. All were happy.

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