Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another leatherback sea turtle nest and Girl embraces the ocean!

I knew it was going to be a special day when my mom came and told me that there was a new leatherback sea turtle nest in front of the beach house. And not just a new nest, but the tracks of the giant mother turtle coming out of the ocean, walking across the sand, laying her eggs and then evidence of her laboring retreat back to the ocean. This makes the third sea turtle nest in front of the house. Makings for some good Karma.

We are now down to myself and my mom, my obviously bordering on 14 year old nephew (who has actually been incredibly patient with his much younger cousins), my 7 year old and 5 year old nieces, Boy & Girl. Pops is away on a business trip. I'm sure a well needed respite from the sonic booms of all of the children.

It was time to head to the ocean! The exquisite ocean lying just footsteps away. The ocean that we've been avoiding due to random jellyfish who seem to aim for grandmothers and children and the ocean that is on Girl's HIT LIST OF TERROR. Girl actually seemed quite relaxed with the idea of going to the beach. She was thrilled about seeing the sea turtle nest, had suited up and was ready to go. We slathered and lathered on the sunblock, gathered hats and headed out to THE BEACH.

From the top of the steps we could see the perfect V of the mama turtle's huge footprints. It was an awesome sight. I actually think that Girl sashayed onto the beach. Perhaps it was a saunter. In any case, she was a little girl with a mission and her mission was to move toward the water. I carried a chair for her and we moved within 10 feet of the ocean. A first! She then stated, I want the ocean to tickle my toes. Her tiny hand in mine, we walked to the edge of the shoreline and as the water swooshed around her ankles she giggled and laughed and beamed. It was worth the wait. We sat in the wet sand, scooped up shells, and let the warm water roll up our legs. It was blissful. To see the gradual progress of my Girl who was terrified to even get off the steps and step on the sand the first day to two weeks later... her sitting in the sand with the water covering her legs and laughing... definitely worth every frustrating moment. Well, maybe not the 2,999th moment, but almost every moment!

We were at the beach a long time. Mom made all of us sandwiches and we sat under the large tarp shade and devoured the food. The kids ate watermelon slices, the red juices turning Girl's chin a bright red. Boy, to his credit, tried a bite but shuddered and said it gave him "the heebie jeebies."

The nephew was out on his surfboard. Mom has had a joke with him that he "can pretend he doesn't know us," and he does seem to take extra steps to keep us barely in view. Is he a teenager?

This afternoon we had the recurring theme of NO NAPS for either of them. So we decided to drive over the bridge to the little town nearby and hit the playground to blow off some steam and the gourmet chocolate shop for my chocolate fix. It's been two weeks since I've had chocolate and I'm feeling it...suffering... must get it. As far as I'm concerned, the playground is just a diversion from the goal.

Due to car seats, we always have to take two vehicles. The nephew rides with me and the two hooligans as the car I'm driving has satellite radio. He cranks the radio up blasting some group that I'm absolutely delighted that I've never heard of. I'm getting old. As the music thrums through the car, Boy and Girl pass out within 7 minutes of our leaving the house. It is now 4:15pm. What has been a glorious day now has an OMEN quality of hellishness. Late naps = late bedtime = ME LOSING MY MIND.

Unfortunately, my prediction proved true. After much leaping from bed to bed, screeching and laughing Boy and Girl fell asleep around 10:00PM. The house is now quiet and my nerves are SHOT. But, GIRL LOVED THE BEACH! Life is good.....

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