Sunday, July 29, 2007

We are home!...despite questionable edible spreadable airplane food

We are home! Up at 4am and out of my sister's house by 5am, onto the 1st plane to Atlanta by 7:15am, caught another plane out of Atlanta at 10am and arrived back in California before 12noon. No in-air major incidents other than Girl deliberately pouring water on her clothes in the seat. Both napped an hour on the longer flight. A miracle! No lost bags, but bad taste of airplane food in mouth... if you can call some kind of processed pureed cheese spread that might as well be sprayed out of a can and stale crackers ... FOOD? Pulled into the driveway around 2:30pm. Good to be home again. Animals euphoric. Kids made a beeline to their toys and tricycles. A friend dropped by some staples and a pizza. Great to be home! I fixed dinner at 4pm and Boy could barely stay awake to nibble a few bites. I was mean and forced them to stay awake until 5:30pm. I figure they owe me. Both comatose within 10 minutes. Pleeeaaase....let them sleep past 4am....

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