Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A sunrise and Girl a bobbing cork in the ocean

I was up before sunrise this morning. A brief period of quiet before everyone is up and about. I sat on the deck with my tea and watched the sunrise over the ocean. There was a large cloud mass on the horizon and the sun rose directly in front of me. It made for a dramatic start to the day.

My back was pummeled last night by Boy. He seems to think that my back and legs are open game for his kicks. I feel like a human soccer ball. He has had trouble staying in his bed this entire week and has moved into our bed around 2am each night. I try once or twice to get him to move back to his little toddler bed, but I'm just too tired to battle it out with him and am conscious of not wanting to wake up the household. We do that anyway every morning. Boy, our little Rooster.

This morning was a perfect day at the beach. Girl has become a little bobbing cork in her life jacket. The set-up was perfect. The water current had carved out a sand bar and in front of it a canal. The kids could float down the current in their life jackets, buffeted along by the waves. Boy ran along the sand bar and leaped into the waves, laughing as the water splashed his face. He and his cousin were like 2 peas in a pod, both couldn't get enough. Girl's comfort level is now such that she can float on her back in her life jacket and also ventured out beyond the wave break with both E and me.

The kids are having a great time with all of their cousins. Boy is still following his big cousin J around; basically hero worship is going on. J has been incredibly patient with Boy, especially considering the age difference. They are the only two boys and are quite outnumbered by the other girls, 6 sandwiched between them and then Girl the youngest.

Girl is learning to appreciate all the various flip flops and shoes belonging to her cousins. She is also discovering Barbie dolls, something she hasn't shown an interest in until now.

Tomorrow we're hoping to venture into St. Augustine to check out the old town. It is hard to believe that our week here is half-way over, but it will be great to be back home again. The beach has been such a magical place for us over the last 3 weeks. But, as Dorothy says...there is no place like home.

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