Monday, July 23, 2007

Boy and Girl WHINGING it

The waves are still unbelievably rough today. Boy is having a blast in the shallow water letting the waves push him along. Girl is so comfortable now that she sits and lets the water rush over her legs. They spent a long time with E and their cousins building a sand castle and adorning it with shells and sticks.

I tried riding a few waves, as I love to body surf, but the waves are so fierce that I ended up swallowing at least one wave and being mashed into what seemed like the spin cycle of a washing machine. Better luck tomorrow!

Boy and Girl seem to think that peeing outside is a great thing. Boy can't wait to pull his bathing suit off so that he can whing into the shrubbery off the deck. We've obviously let him do the nature call a bit too frequently as now instead of it being an "emergency" it has become a routine. Dropped shorts means pee is sure to follow. Girl, always up for a copycat opportunity, is following suit. Bathing suit off... Can I go PEE-PEE? CAN I? You'd think she was asking for dessert. Of course, I have to say yes. I'm trying to raise them as equals, aren't I? She seems to have no problem whinging it either. I can't wait until we return home. I'm sure they'll have a whole host of fun and exciting ideas to threaten us with.

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