Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We don't say "Shut-Up!" and the discovery of a shark's tooth

We don't say shut-up! This uttered by Girl today.
We DON'T SAY SHUT-UP! I guess ignoring her was not working.
Girl, where did you hear that from?
My friends say it, she says.
What friends? ....silence...
What friends say it, Girl? ...more silence...
Why do I always feel like a parrot when I'm asking my children something they don't want to answer? Repeat, repeat, repeat the question. It doesn't help. How many friends can an almost 3 year old girl have anyway? That's what I want to know. Obviously we're going to have to do major mouth clean-up when we get home.

Tonight after dinner we went shelling on the beach. Boy was very eager to add to his collection. It was a beautiful evening - warm, but a light breeze off the water. Shells are everywhere. In all different hues. Boy would race ahead to a pile, grab a few and run back to put them in the bag I was carrying. We found lots of crabs, an intact purple starfish, and assorted shells. Pelicans flew overhead and the tiny sand pipers followed us along the water's edge. As I was walking down the beach, I noticed something very black within a cluster of shells. I reached down and picked up a shark's tooth! It is the color of black ivory and the point has been dulled a bit over time. Completely intact, it is really something. About an inch in length, it is not huge, but large enough to imagine a mouthful ... It looks very old. Everyone was impressed. Except Boy. Boy was more interested in finding crab holes and the possibility of discovering something still alive.

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