Saturday, July 7, 2007

You can run, but you cannot hide...

Boy likes to run, inhale food and talks quickly with few words.

Girl likes to saunter, savor every bite and talk and talk and talk and talk at length...

I've never really felt the contrasts so extremely until now. Now, when we are in a 4 story house and suddenly Boy has to poop in the bathroom on the 4th floor and needs immediate assistance. Immediate. Meanwhile Girl is shrieking because her shirt is not going over her head or her pants are inside out and she is frustrated and on the 2nd floor and she needs me and only me NOW. I won't have to worry about getting enough exercise. I'm probably doing at least 900 million flights of stairs a day. It is a 4 story house and the playroom is on the 4th floor. The 2nd day my calves were burning! Today is the 3rd day and I have calves of steel. Am hoping for the buns of steel side effect by morning.

Boy loves mysterious creatures from the sea. Girl freaks. Tonight all the kids are out hunting ghost crabs by flashlight on the beach. Except girl. I told her that it is boys and daddy time and Girl and Mommy time. She thinks just a couple of the boys are out with their daddy. She hasn't put it together that her brother, Boy, is out there with everyone except SHE WHO FEARS CRABS. She thinks they have "gone hunting." She hasn't asked for what. Does she even know what hunting is? The time putting her to bed is perfect. It is quiet. The other 9 children are outside. As I sit reading her stories, I notice the way the curls swirl around her cheek, the ruby red of her lips and the soft curl of her eyelashes. It is just Girl and Mommy time.

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