Saturday, July 14, 2007

Playing along the shoreline and a NAP STRIKE

This afternoon Boy and I went down to the beach and played for a while along the shoreline. We had a great time sitting in the sand and watching the little Coquina "Butterfly" shells dig themselves back into the wet sand. There were hundreds of them in varying hues - yellows, pinks, lavenders, blues, stripes and soft patterns. We scooped them up into our hands and put them back, watching them burrow under the sand. Just me and Boy on the sand, under a wide blue sky and an endless ocean.

Girl is on a nap strike. She seems to delight in torturing me. I think at this point, I'm needing a nap more than her! The torture occurs when I try to doze in the same room and am just drifting off ... when I am jerked awake by the sound of cupboard doors being opened, pillows pinging around the room and (my!) paperwork flying mid-air. Not all at once, mind you, but in installments. Slow, repetitive torture... I don't remember signing up for a sleep interruption study, but obviously I'm enrolled.

Best Spoken Words today:

I have a mustache like Daddy! - Boy, smiling after giving himself a milk mustache.

In dirty minutes we're going to the pool. - Girl

You will DIE FOREVER! - Boy - yet another phrase he has picked up. Where? I have no idea.

Is this a good smell? Girl - said to Ma'Mai (her grandmother) as Girl was putting cabbage into a bowl for making slaw.

Mommy you'll get lost! - Boy- watching me from shore as I was in the ocean.

I saw 3 or 5 pelicans. - Girl

I'll take care of you, Mommy. - Boy, as I held him in the waves.

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