Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rain at dawn and a view from the deck...being in the moment

A sunrise here this week...

This morning I set my cell phone alarm to wake up at 6am. The idea was to get the advance on Boy who is always an early riser. As the phone's buzzing woke me, I became aware of the onslaught of rain hitting the roof and windows. It took me a minute to figure out what it was; it's been sooo long since I've heard the sound of rain. I lay in bed just listening to the thrum of raindrops outside and pulled the covers back over my head and went back to sleep. An hour later (Whoohoo!! 7AM! Sleeping in!) I awoke to the drumbeat of Boy's footsteps above me in the kitchen. So much for getting the advance on Boy. He always has the advance on me anyway. I might as well be walking backwards.

We went into town again (over the big bridge to the mainland, down a road or two and over another bridge) with the intention of seeing an estuary. When we arrived, the place was clearly closed due to some immediate crisis in the building's structure. Workmen were everywhere and the sign said the estuary was closed indefinitely. By this time, of course, Boy had fallen asleep in the car. So.... we decided that we had worked up sufficient appetite over this 25 minute drive to be ready for lunch and made our way into a Mexican restaurant in town. The meal was fairly uneventful. I only had to take Girl out of the restaurant once, legs flailing and hurling shrieks at me and the other diners, as a consequence of her kicking her feet into the wooden booth over and over again which caused a ricochet of phenomenal tremors practically into the next building. Maybe further.

Then over a bridge, down two roads and over the big bridge back to the island and back to the house. While the kids watched a movie, I sat on the deck overlooking the ocean and took in the breeze and extraordinary view of turquoise sea and snowy sand dunes. I don't know why it has taken me over a week to sit alone on the deck and just breathe... It felt good.

In the late afternoon we headed to the pool and spent time playing in the water. Despite having to wear a life vest, Girl discovered floating on her back; her hair fanning out around her and bliss etched on her small glowing face. Boy, also equipped with a life vest - Spiderman, took great joy in maneuvering himself all over the pool with his legs and arms and going up and down the ladder. And up and down the ladder. And up and down the ladder.

I will remember these moments forever.

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