Sunday, July 15, 2007

We miss Daddy

GIRL'S Story:
I miss Daddy
, said woefully.

I want my DaDa!!!
, shrieked amidst a terrible tantrum.

Daily recitation: Daddy will come and we can go to Grandpa's beach house, Daddy and Mommy and Boy and Girl. And I can show Daddy ...and Daddy can do ...and Daddy will ... and Daddy, and Daddy, and Daddy...

BOY'S Story:

I miss Daddy...said with a soft whisper from the back seat.

I WANT to talk to DADDY!
- demanding to speak on the phone.

I'm going to tell on YOU, Mommy!
- someone who has had quite enough of No Daddy.

Only 4 days until we see Daddy!
Daddy loves you and misses you very, very much.

Daddy will not be pleased with this behavior!
I miss Daddy, too!


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