Saturday, March 22, 2008

An awakening to Easter...

Tonight's Easter Vigil service started with prayers and a bonfire lit outside as twilight turned to darkness. Then we all entered the church, each carrying a candle. The service was filled with candlelight, incense and glorious music, beautiful readings - one especially that E read. And quite suddenly the dramatic moment of the lights coming back on in the church and the shrouds taken off to reveal Easter lilies beneath. Bells ringing in melodious tones, faces uplifted in felt sacred, the rituals magical and joyous all at once. An awakening to Easter...

While E and I were awakening, BOY & GIRL were getting to hang out in childcare, making Easter baskets and watching a movie, enhanced with graham crackers and juice. Life was pretty good for all of us tonight.

On the way home, I pretended I had caught a glimpse of the Easter Bunny.

What's that?! I gasped...

WHAT??? both BOY & GIRL at once.

I think I saw SOMETHING, I said.

I am loving this time with a 4 year old BOY and a 3 year old GIRL who believe in the possibility of anything. When we got home, we counted out 7 carrots (number designated by BOY) to leave for the Easter Bunny in a Thomas the Tank Engine dish. Then we put out their baskets to be filled overnight by the Easter Bunny. Getting them to bed was easy for a change, but it was late and they were also told that the Easter Bunny would not come unless they were asleep. And mommy & daddy, too!

No matter how you celebrate Easter, I wish you a day in which your heart and tummy are full. Most of all, I wish for you the magic of BELIEVING in something.

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  1. Yes, those were the days. Nowadays it is the 17 year old who hides the eggs. When he said something about where he hid one, I said, "you mean where the Easter Bunny hid them." 13 & 15 year olds, in unison, "Mom, I think that ship has sailed!" Sigh.

  2. That sounds beautiful! And so symbolic...
    My kids never really pay much attention to the Easter Bunny--she just seems creepy according to my oldest. Santa on the other hand is sacred cow--NORAD would not spend all night and those satalites tracking nothing lol :)

  3. Fortunately the Easter Bunny woke up at 6:20, just in time to deliver the baskets outside our front door. Whew.

    That church service sounds beautiful.

    I hope you're having a lovely Easter!

  4. Happy Easter, JCK! That service sounded awesome. We don't have childcare at our church and I really, really wish we did. It would make things so much easier.

    P.S. Jealous you caught a glimpse of ye old rabbit.

  5. love your blog, i'm a first time reader. you capture too many unnerving mommy-moments in the best light (if I didn't laugh, I would cry?)

  6. THe service sounds lovely.
    Easter is such a wonderful time!
    Rima, switch churches! I can't imagine life without the nursery!

  7. I believe that you a a good friend! Thanks for leaving me the comment today - it was nice to get it on Easter as I was feeling a bit sad today. Happy and sad at the same time. Dylan of course made it happy, but I was thinking about past years with special people who are either no longer around or just no longer a part of my holidays. The circle of life, I guess. Your church service sounds completely uplifting. And leaving carrots for the Easter Bunny? Well, what could be better than that?

  8. Hey, new look! Like it! Yes, I love it when they are still young enough to believe...

  9. Happy Easter to you and yours - sounds like a lovely service.

  10. What a lovely service. Hope you and your family had an eggsellent Easter JCK.

  11. Happy Easter...such sweeties you have.

  12. Aww - sounds like you had a wonderful time. Happy Easter.

    Love your new blog look BTW!

  13. Erica Jong AND Eva Cassidy? I don't know anyone who's even heard of her. I love her version of Fields of Gold. A voice whose life was cut too short.

    by the way, did you know Jong is posting on HuggingtonPost blog? I just discovered a few weeks ago. You can subscribe to her posts. I definately want to dish about Jong's books. I haven't read her latest couple. I did read "Fear of Fifty" and loved her line about "I'm no longer the cute little blonde in the room."

  14. They are the perfect ages for this! Happy Easter, JCK!!

  15. That sounded lovely. Thinking a lot about Easter, God, Jesus over these past few days.

    Lately, I'm not positive what I believe. I am trying to inject a little understanding that Easter is about more than a bunny and candy.

  16. I love love love the new layout - fabulous illustration. Did you do that?
    We still enjoy the Easter Bunny too, although the Queen almost caught the Easter Bunny (Daddy) hiding the eggs at the grandparents' house yesterday.

  17. Oh, never mind. It would help if I would read the posts in order after I've been away from the computer for a few days.

  18. Sounds like such a lovely service.
    Hope you had a lovely Easter with your family, watching the magic light up their eyes.

  19. love LOVE LOO-OVE the new look. Seriously. LOVE IT! Hope your Easter was GREAT!



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