Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Favorite stump speeches this week

Mommy, do you choke on artichokes? - question posed by GIRL. It makes sense. Why would it be called artiCHOKE if you didn't choke on it.

Mommy, Mommy! Look! It's a papillon! - This from a BOY, originally diagnosed with speech delay...who obviously now has an extensive vocabulary... referring to a little dog going by and referencing Papillon to Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy book.

Mommy, I'm making a sign and putting it outside. "No toys with batteries in the sandbox or in water." - GIRL takes a piece of blue colored paper, makes several marks on it for words and tapes it to the outside of our house.

Mommy, I can't DO IT right now. I'm changing baby's diaper. - GIRL on being asked to come sit down to breakfast. Who can eat when a baby doll's diaper is at stake.

Mommy, can I have chocolate milk? Mommy, can I have soy milk? Mommy, can I have a special treat? -A rapid fire assault by BOY, said without pause, between NO's from his mommy. And then....Oh, MAN!

Mommy, you know why I am excited about our trip? I get to wear a grown-up seat belt on the airplane. - GIRL anticipating our upcoming trip.

Mommy, you have blonde hair like me. No, it is WHITE. - BOY getting his facts straight.

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  1. Girl has her mommy priorities straight!

  2. Yes, I loved that girl had to change the baby's diaper first - too cute!! And the artichoke comment was very funny! They are so much fun, aren't they?

    Have a good WEdnesday J - see you later. Kellan

  3. My son always says "white" or '"yellow" hair. These kids are so funny.

  4. It's the rapid-fire/no-room-in-between-to-answer the questions that gets to me.

    Breathe, boys, breathe.

  5. I get this one: "But Mommy..." So my name sometimes just sounds like Buttmommy. Which very well describes how I feel some days.

    This are all so great. Papillon, indeed. You should casually mention THAT one at school.

  6. Oh the thrill of the grown-up airplane belt. It's the simple things for the small fry. I love it.

  7. Love the sign idea. My boys call them "no signs" and draw pictures or words and then a circle with a line through it. Often everything I want to do is forbidden by "no signs" around the house. Too cute.

  8. Love these. Where are you going on your trip? I can't wait to take a vacation!

  9. Those rapid fire questions just amaze me...thank goodness it only requires the same answer, NO!

  10. Hmmph, actually GIRL does have some very good questions! :)


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