Saturday, March 15, 2008

I don't need to follow "the directions"

Yesterday BOY was insisting that we had to attach a reflector light to his SUPAH trike. I kept telling him that we needed to wait for Daddy to get home. [Basically my excuse when I'm not in the mood for building or putting together something other than a sandwich.] BOY continued to hammer at me until finally I gave up. So, I opened up the casing and pulled out the reflector light. It had a wraparound attachment to be used on the handlebars or behind the seat. BOY, of course, wanted it on the handlebars - fully visible to all. The assembly required the use of a screwdriver, and batteries, among other things. All territory best reserved for projects with Daddy. However, BOY not yet having any gender biases insisted that "we" could do it. I made one last futile attempt to give him the project brush-off.

BOY, look there are directions. We need to follow "the directions".

I don't need to follow "the directions".

And so it goes. It starts young. A BOY barely weaned and before advancing to a 2 wheeler knows....boys and men just don't need to follow or ask for "the directions."

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  2. Too funny. Didn't know it started THAT early.

  3. So cute and soooooo true! My husband seldom follows or reads directions.

    Have a good day J - see you later. Kellan

  4. Nature v. Nurture: Score one for Nature!

  5. Who cares if it takes 17 times longer to do it without the directions? Not my husband.

  6. the whole gender bias thing is so right around the corner. i can't believe the things my nine year old says...

  7. I'm with BOY, directions are for sissies. Much more fun...and interesting to wing it. None of the great inventors "followed the directions"!

  8. and really? why don't things just come pre-assembled? ugh.

  9. wow. that is some scientific results! I am laughing because it is so true.

  10. What flutter said.

    And me thinks Boy just may be right!

  11. Seriously sweet.

    My boys are not following this norm yet. When we are working on or building something or playing a new game, they will ask me if I read the "constructions" to help out.



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