Monday, March 17, 2008

Of life once lived without blogging

Tonight I dream the dream
of innocence, of life
once lived without blogging.

The evenings in which
I spent, stretched out
with a book on my belly.

And now I sit in a chair
upright yet, somewhat slouched
immersed in words of my own making.

It is a new chapter
at best, challenging me
at worst an addiction.

Sometimes the growth burns
an intensity, that glows
deep in my primal lava.

This writing life so
all consuming, myriad moments
fueling a rapturous thirst I cannot quench...

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  1. Genius. Total beautiful genius.

    I don't want to interrupt your reading, but....I tagged you this morning for the 6 word meme. I had a feeling you might want to do that one. I can't remember where I got that feeling....hahaha. Enjoy!

  2. Exactly.
    Beautifully written, I especially love your last line. Or is it the first of the best yet to come ?

  3. i miss the books too. where is the balance? that seems to be the constant challenge in all areas of my life these days.

  4. Wow - so true. I like that you don't make light of it because it is a bit of an addiction and I sometimes question why I seem to suddenly need so much validation...

  5. Thank you for putting it so beautifully. I've been struggling with it myself. Lately I deliberately don't blog on weekends as an experiement.

  6. Primal lava. Wow.

    Your description was beautiful. Now I can't decide whether to read a book or finish everything in Google reader.

  7. I sit in my chair,
    almost always slouched
    but am totally immersed in your poetry (okay that's all the poetry I am going to attempt to write :)

    You are quite the writer! Golly, what a juicy, lovely blog!

    And yeah, that woman, no both of those women are total poop poop heads. Your son got it right on.

  8. You are spot on. How many nights have I gotten up from my computer at midnight and wondered if the evening would have been just as well spent reading, or writing my novel, or ....having a conversation with someone I love?

    How to balance our fleeting hours?

    Beautiful post and blog!


  9. Yup. Pretty much sums it up. Perfectly written, of course.

    side note: I love the courier font!

  10. i have been living the life without blogging lately. it's delish. but i miss you!

    (will email soon!)

  11. I love how you focus on the comforts of blogging yet the struggles and addiction of it. I find myself wanting to pull away some - my house is messier than it usually is, my coupons are not clipped and filed, my dinners are not as planned and well prepared. I long for a book to get lost in, yet I find myself veering for reality internet instead - the blogs of those I have grown to love and laugh with(sometimes at, too). I am glad to know I am not the only one who struggles with such vices.


  12. Very well put!!!
    You cannot describe it any better!

  13. Well and beautifully put.

    My name is Christine, and I'm a blogaholic.

  14. I loved this. I have been pondering this very same issue as of late myself.

    You are so talented with words JCK.


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