Monday, March 24, 2008

It's now JackO'Clock, and all's well!

Holly the hipster over at June Cleaver Nirvana has tagged me with the 6 word memoir meme. Holly has a very twisted sense of humor, because she thinks I can actually be brief... which is like her, insanely funny. But, we can all use friends who cut us off the mouth.

6 word memoir meme...of sorts.

When at a loss, buy lipstick.

Tired of dabbling, want to write.

Caffeine, chocolate, whiskey; sometimes it helps.

Becoming a mother, most monumental event.

Still exploring myself, within and without.

It's now JackO'Clock, and all's well!

Marriage still passionate, despite 2 additions.

Parenting a challenge, reward and mystery.

Eager to see, where life leads.

Once an actress, now a blogger.

Writing daily, helps keep me sane.

Blessings of children; delightful, precious, indescribable.

Thirteen years of marriage, still growing.

Learning balance, every hour, every day.

Family support, of that I'm blessed.

Snuggling on children, never get enough.

Husband kind heart, and scrumptious ass.

Children teach us, moment to moment.

Those fishnet days, not many regrets.

I'd like to pass this 6 word memoir meme on to the following linguistic lovelies:

Minnesota Matron
Slouching Mom
She's just another manic mommy
Don Mills Diva

And also to these women, who are new to me, wielding words upon the page:
A Golden Journal
The Philosopher Mom

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  1. Nicely done; I likey.

    (Four pathetic words that don't do you justice. Loved them.)

  2. Yeah! see, I knew you could do it well. Did you find yourself then thinking in 6 word segments for the rest of the day?? haha

  3. I hope you share the memoir with your husband that highlights his "scrumptious ass"-you are so funny!

  4. You're a hard act to follow.

    (Notice I'm still writing six words. I will pay you back someday.)

  5. Thank you for NOT tagging me. (6 words)

  6. Nothing better than a scrumptious ass. :-)

    These were great.

  7. You know, if i were a man I would be demanding photographic evidence...

  8. A scrumptious ass does help with those 13 years!

  9. A mutual admiration society we have.

    Okay, enough with the six words. (LOL - that's six words!) I'm so flattered you liked the first installment of PRAYERS OF THE FAITHFUL. Buy it? Four months of query-partial-rejection cycles on LOADING...PLEASE WAIT (Fiction Experiment Number One) have stripped me of my B&N illusions. Not that I won't give it a shot. But if you likee, I will sendee, via email as I finish drafting the chapters.

  10. The pressure's on this linguistic lovely.

    Already thinking in six words, see?

  11. Your site looks great, babe!


    She could not pick just one.


  12. Lovely lovely. I, too, am blessed with a scrumptious-assed hubby. And, like Jen, i would like to thank you for not tagging me, for I would not do this one justice.

  13. Oh Holy Nightmare!

    1) I've always wanted to be tagged by one of these memes...and this is my FIRST time! wooweee!

    2) The OHN! is that my brain has just frozen shut and I have no idea of six words to string together, couldn't I have that meme with the "turn to page 123, paragraph 4, copy the first five words"???????? Then my OCD would only compell me to spend the next four hours looking through a dozen books, or maybe make a trip to the library, in search of something presentable to claim....something that would actually make me look like I read important, thoughtful works of literature, art, or, wait for it.....non-fiction!

    3) ok, ok, ok.....but you'll just have to head over to my blog later tonight to see what freak of nature I've come up with.

    In the meantime....your new blog design absolutely rocks this world, it's AWESOME, fabulous, and supercool!


  14. What flutter said!

    Oh good LORD, I'm afraid to do this after reading yours. Yours were fantab.

    I will do this, as soon as I can come up with one!

  15. Oh man this is probably the hardest meme I've ever seen - I'ma blabbermouth for God's sakes...:-) I will try and give it a shot though!

  16. memoir meme? I want to play!

    but I don't know the rule of tagging. can someone explain? or send me a link that explains?

    blog newbie

  17. I am loving reading your old posts!


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