Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Awards & Bling to share and share alike

I got some BADA BING BLING from some incredible bloggeristas back in February, and it is time to spread the love.

First the irresistible Tootsie Farklepants gave me a Blog Buddies Award. Now I know probably ALL of you read La Toots daily, but if you happen to be in the minority who hasn't read her...ARE YOU INSANE?? No, you are just ill informed. Get your hiney over to her headquarters at Vintage Thirty and be prepared to laugh your ass off. Thank you MamaCITA Tootsie!

I would like to share this award with the lovely Manic Mommy who shares my love for toasting across bloggerspace - her WineO'clock to my JackO'Clock. She's up on the latest gossip over CondeLEZZA & Le BUSHSTER. Oh, you haven't seen the pictures? Just go here. Very serious business this. I really think he should be impeached. I also owe Manic Mommy an apology. She tagged me for a HEME a while ago, and due to E being wanted across the country, I can't possibly post anything about him. Seriously...I try to keep his life private. Unless I flaunt him in pictures.

I'd also like to pass this Blog Buddies award on to Purple Teacup, who adores tea like me. Just be prepared to start dancing when you visit her site. Her music choices are addictive. I feel like I'm back in the 80's again!

And I share this with a woman who almost makes me fall on the floor with her posts...Jen at Rants and Raves. Whenever I am running out of patience I think of her...mom AND nanny AND wife. Triple order. Triple trouble. She is especially good at fairytales. Get a load of this one from today.

I received this You Make my Day Award from Countess Janet at Adventures in the 32-Aker Wood. I just love that blog title! Oh, you didn't know she was a Countess? Well, she is retired now, but she honored us by dropping by when she was a Countess. She uses the pseudonym, Janet, but we REALLY know who she is, pleeeease....don't let her fool you. Thank you, Countess. I am your humble servant.

I would like to share this with the exquisite writer, Jennifer, at Thursday Drive. She is an amazing writer who provokes introspection and emotion from her readers. Her talent just blows me away and she is deservedly wracking in awards left and right. Whenever she drops by my blog, she leaves me a comment that feels personal and she touches so many other people with her comments on their blogs. Best of all, she has a weakness for cowboys. Anyone who can mention swooning and cowboys in the same sentence is alright by me. Jennifer, did I happen to mention that on my recent trip I reached into the airplane seat pocket and pulled out Men's Vogue, with my VIGGO on the cover?! Obviously, he and I have a THANG. Kismet!

I'd also like to share this award with Rima from Rimarama who is just TOO COOL for words. She is hysterically funny and bright and a must read. Unfortunately she doesn't always post every day....so we're left hanging...panting for more, MORE, MORE!! This post titled: Don't tell the Babysitter Mom is a Nut...is priceless!

Holly, otherwise known as La Saint Holly for juggling 3 boys, over at June Cleaver Nirvana, gave me an Excellent Award. She is a treat to behold. Not only does Holly drive a suburban mommy vehicle, but she has actually had personal encounters with it. Like Close Encounters...except...NOT. And...she invited all of her readers along for a ride when she had a makeover done. Personally, I'd be happy to look like Holly when I got up in the morning. Make-over! Pleeeaaase.... Holly is also incredibly generous to her fellow bloggers and if you go to her site and look at the sidebar you will see that she has a list of current favorite funny posts by other bloggers that she has read recently. Thank you Holly for your generosity of spirit and for making me laugh. And for all of your insights on boys.

I would like to share this award with Flutter, who I have admired for her insightful comments on so many other blogs, and who writes fearlessly from her core. She is bold, raw and wide open and I admire that. Be prepared to be touched profoundly.

I would also like to give this award to Liv. She has put up with GOD KNOWS how many memes, cursed by me for the longest one of ALL time... the 8 TRILLION things meme. Her blog is addictive and she actually comments back individually to all of her readers. Our daughters have the same name. GIRL, of course. She inspires me with her personal journey, sharing both past and present. And she was one of the first blogs I ever read. I was a bit intimidated. I am hoping to spend some time with her in April and most definitely at the BlogHer '08 conference in San Francisco this summer. Just thought I would share that... I'm SURE La Liv is JUST THRILLED now. She'll probably avoid me.

Thank you ladies again for all the BLING! Oh...SHITOLLA....GIRL has just managed to cover her face with purple ink...from an ink pad...it goes SO well with red butterfly barrettes, dont'cha know?

Update on GIRL's PURPLE HUE: Thank GOD for wipes! Well...the purple ink is mostly gone. There's a certain violet hue that remains on nose, forehead and cheeks... Luckily GIRL decided to pick out a Violet winter knit cap to wear in the 78 degree sunshine. She JUST loves to match her accessories to skin tone. I'm sure all that purple will impress the preschool that we're touring in about...1 hour!

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  1. Well, my friend, I DID call ahead to the airline to make certain that Viggo would be waiting for you. I'm just that kinda girl.

    You give very good award! (I just made that into a slightly pervy sounding verb phrase, didn't I?) Thank you so much for this award, and for all of the lovely things you wrote. I feel the same about your writing, and your blog is always one of my first stops each morning (or, when Google Reader tells me you've posted!).

    I can't wait to check out some of the other blogs you've mentioned, though I know several of them. You made some very good choices.

    Congratulations on all of your awards...You more than deserve every one of them.


  2. You rule. I don't know if I have read such lovely things before.

    Thank you so so much and congrats to you...you are more than worthy

  3. Congrats to you, soaking up the Farklepants' love.

    (And I think flutter is amazing too; one of the best on the internet.)

  4. thank you so much!! i might even be blushing a little from your gush. intimidated? LOL. it's like i told a bloggy friend the other day: i'm sort of a big dork in pretentious bitch clothing. you'll be the one avoiding me!!

  5. Thanks so much for the award and the kind words! Remember when I first commented on your blog? I said something about a really loooong meme you had to do, "Thank goodness you don't know me and love me enough to make me do one of those...yet". This isn't a meme, but I did make you love me, and gosh I love when I do what I set out to do! ; )

  6. The Countess formerly and lately known as Janet would like to add that all ink pads in our house will be found and destroyed post haste. Although, much like the spinning wheels, I'm sure one will be conjured up at a crucial moment.

  7. Hi J - Congratulations on all these great awards - you know how much I think you deserve ALL of them!!

    Hope you have been good - I've missed you the last couple of days - thanks for coming by and I'll see you soon. Kellan

  8. What a very pleasant surprise to surf over and find...me! I am honored to be in such esteemed company.

    No worries on the Heme. You more than made up for it with the Gilligan's Island pics. I always go for the (coco)Nutty Professor type. And you are HAWT, Ginger.

  9. What sweet words. Thank you so much. I love to visit.

    Rhett wrote all over his face and head with red marker this morning and despite my best cleaning efforts I kept looking at him throughout the day and asking, "did you just fall?" or "did someone hit you?". My brain just can't compute in the red marker factor.

  10. Thank you so much, JCK! And sorry I'm so late picking up my bling.

  11. Thank you! My self-esteem sooooo needed that!


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