Friday, March 21, 2008

Just your ordinary day's shenanigans at Casa de Motherscribe

A Clever Recipe for Inducing Madness in the Mama, produced by expert tag team members BOY & GIRL ...

  1. Adding chocolate syrup to one's cereal while mommy is in the shower

  2. Taking out the screw and knob of the TV cabinet for the billionth time

  3. Maneuvering 40 ounces of Italian-style bread crumbs down from the counter, pouring it into a large bowl, adding two spoons, bringing it into the living room and placing it on the leather ottoman. Commencing a taste test in which it is quickly determined that said bread crumbs are not fit for human consumption and spitting said bread crumbs out all over the rug.

  4. A trail of "it was an emergency" pee dribbles on the playroom rug & floor, quantity quite large. (GIRL wants in on the "emergency" action.)

  5. Unhinging the cat litter box so that every time Mommy lifts and moves the cat litter box (which is often) only the top goes with her. No damage, but a pain in the ass. Did I say repeatedly?

Best lines that kept me laughing into my Irish Breakfast Tea hours later (because JackO'Clock would have only aggravated what by then was a migraine):

GIRL: "Dinosaurs are extinct, but they still have dinosaur puzzles!"

BOY using the baby doll highchair as a walker for the elderly, falling down and lying on the floor and saying to GIRL: "I can't get up. I'm so, so old... Girly Girl will you help me up?"

That was yesterday's accrual of gems. Said party denied all charges of misdoings. Despite them occuring all in one day. All. In. One. Day. Which caused Lady Motherscribe, JCK, to feel both old and extinct...

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  1. That is a hell of a day.

    I'm laughing at what they said, though.

    Maybe my third (and invisible) child Not Me has been commuting back and forth from my house to yours?

    Who drew on the walls? Not me!
    Who didn't flush? Not me!
    And so on...I know you understand.

    Can we still get JCK puzzles?

  2. I guess one good thing about teenagers is they pretty much have the pee thing under total control!

  3. He called his sister "Girly Girl"? That is too funny? Where do they come up with this stuff? I wanted to tell you I took a new job - with twin almost 3 yr old boys (and a 6 yr old girl) who are in the joyous throes of potty training. God help me, I AM divinely insane!

  4. Oy. There must be something in the water. My boys are driving me to drink (Right now. Merlot).

  5. Your house sounds just like mine! Cutie, crazy kids.
    Saw you over at Kellan's and had to come and check out your blog design. I love it! Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Oh my.

    Love the walker and dinosaur puzzle. The others are just too close to home right now to laugh out loud at...haha. We need to hang tough together.

  7. What a day! Loved how you wrapped it all together :)

  8. but do you have your own puzzle?

    love your new look. and I hear you on the fishnets. LOVED wearing them when I did Cabaret. And only the BIG holed ones for me. not those little bitty holes that you can barely tell are fishnets...

  9. Last night at bedtime, the Queen told her brother, "Good night, DeBoy, it was a great party."

    This morning, as I cleaned up the daily ration of cat barf, she decided that "We need to give the cats away because they make a mess. Then we can get some fish."
    Am I the only one envisioning a dark green algae-covered tank with dead floating finned objects?


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