Saturday, November 22, 2008

Apparently turning 5 is heavy business...

Last night as I sat on the edge of BOY's bed, we had the following conversation:

BOY, it's going to be your birthday in 2 days!

Mommy, I don't want to turn 5.

You don't? Why not, BOY?

I don't want to be a big kid. I like being 4.

Oh, BOY you will be a small kid for a loooong time - 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12... You're still going to be a little boy. And you'll always be my little boy.

Thanks, Mom!

Apparently turning 5 is heavy business...

Thank you for your lovely comments wishing BOY back to health. He is much better and eating lightly, but still weak and taking naps -which is pretty much unheard of in the Lexicon of BOY. Casa de Motherscribe has been under house arrest and GIRL is managing very well, considering...

I'm DYING for a whiskey, and really NEEDED it earlier today when it appeared that the washing machine had broken and water was leaking out from underneath...But, luckily it was due to a wash started in mid-cycle on top of a full wash load. Duh.... I believe I AM tired.

As for talk of whiskey...I am afraid to drink any as it lowers your immune system and I can't afford to get Stomach Flu from Hell. So, for now....gallons of Irish tea will have to do. Alas, JackO'Clock cannot truly be JackO'Clock without the actual Jack.

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  1. Glad he is doing some better, and the rest of you are still well.

    Did you read the dialogue between Jennifer and Madge - the jack o clock conversation? Too funny!

    I just wrote a post about my complete loss of sanity. When BOY is better and you have time, come by to catch up!

  2. irish tea o'clock -- just not the same thing.

  3. she spikes her tea, Madge. I promise.

  4. oof. how did you manage not to say "and I want to keep you my little boy forever, too, but alas, you must grow up and away from me and break my poor, fragile mother's heart time and time again, so suck it up and eat the cake, kid"

  5. I don't know about SoCal, but here in Utah a 5-year-old can get his or her very own library card. Now THAT'S big business. MiniMe dragged me to the library the very day she turned 5 so we could get her one. Such a milestone birthday -- BOY will love it when he gets there.

  6. Glad to hear he is on the mend. Sounds like a nasty little bug. Try to stay healthy.

  7. Max turned 5 in May and still insists that he's 4. It came in handy at Souper Salad last week though because kids 4 and under eat free. :P

  8. What Cheri said!

    And my BOY is turning five in March. And he's actively providing us with an ample list of suggested birthday gifts.

  9. My husband once noticed water leaking out from around our washing machine, and leapt to the conclusion that it was broken and we needed a new one.

    Only to find out that the drain pipe had simply been knocked out of the standpipe, and the machine was draining onto the floor.

    I say have the whisky. It's always medicinal.

  10. Glad BOY is doing better. He'll need his strength for that heavy business of turning 5.

    Stay well. You know, so you can start drinking again soon. :-)

  11. Oh how I miss the preschool days.

    I hope everyone is better soon.

  12. Five is a HUGE deal. Especially to the soon-to-be five year old's mommy.

    Somedays we pray for them to be more independent while our hearts want them to stay our babies forever.

    Stay healthy. Leafy greens. And Jack.

  13. hope all are well, by now, at casa de motherscribe. safe to bring out the whiskey?

  14. I've had that conversation many times with my kids around their birthdays. Seems each new "number" makes them a little nervous about the unknown.

    Nerves about change -- they got that gene from me.

  15. Yeah! he got well just in time before his birthday!


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