Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just WHAT is up with those fishnets, anyway?

JCK realizes that there has been some discussion, some lingering curiosity about her fishnets. JCK wishes to make clear that the fishnets are more of a symbol, an indication of what lies under the surface of a stay-at-home mom with two children both now 4 years old and only 10 months apart. Insanity? Well...there is THAT. Yet, JCK adores being a mother. It is by far the best thing that has ever happened to her. And like all great things in life, every day is not perfect. Or even remotely close. Just the idea that she can still wear fishnets, if she wants to, and that chocolate, caffeine and whiskey...stay the tide, intoxicates her with good vibrations... and even...chocolate orgasms.

JCK wanted to convey to her readers that although she is ripe of age, she is not like an old fruitcake that appears to turn up again and again... No, back in the day when Madonna was like a Virgin, JCK was known to wear a fishnet or two. JCK was quite the lace and glove gal, yes she was. It is documented here.

JCK HATES housework. In fact, she is quite inept when it comes to cleaning. But, for inspiration she has been known to put fishnets on her hands and pose for her blog. This was during a period of deep self-inflated, perimenopausal stupidity, of which the only benefit was that she distracted herself from actually cleaning.

But, dear readers, JCK will not let you down that easily. There is one story, one little gem that she can share...

It was a Valentine's Day in 1994. JCK was living in cohabitation with a certain someone who is now her husband. JCK decided that she would surprise her man when he came home from a hard day's labor. She decided that she would whip up a delicious meal and throw on something sexy. JCK dug deep into her drawer of intimate apparel. She found what she was looking for. JCK sorted through her flashy disco tops, and chose a pink number.

So, on that Valentine's evening in 1994, E walked in the house and followed the delicious aroma wafting from the kitchen. Once he arrived in the kitchen, he found what he was looking for... JCK was attired in a flashy pink jacket that fell just below her tush. Fishnets, stiletto pumps, and nothing else... As to what was cooking on the stove? Neither JCK nor her LOVAH seem to remember.

JCK highly recommends trying on a pair of fishnets from time to time. There is something about the texture, the roughness of the material, especially over that most sensual spot just behind the knee...that inspires naughty notions.

This concludes the segment: Just WHAT is up with those fishnets, anyway?
A question asked by g from Doves2Day, Ellyn from A little piece of Heaven, and phd in Yogurtry at CoffeeYogurt.

Note: It's NaBloPoMo, what would you like me to write about?

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  1. Thanks. My curiosity is now sated.

  2. Much thanks for that explanation. It's a symbolic emblem you carry well!

    And a great story, too!

    As for the description of the sensual texture behind the knee.....oof, girl, I have to go off to work this morning, I can't be thinking of that!!!! You SAHM's have all the luck.

  3. Your fishnets needed no explanation.

    I like your saucy motherhood.

  4. Well, this SAHM is off to make lunch. No joy there.

    Great story though. You do have the best ones!

  5. Love it! The Matron must sometimes remind herself of the sexual kick she still possesses. She loves coming here, being the 45 year old mother of a 5 year old!

  6. It is a good sermon to preach - that mothers CAN be sexy, too! I'll be the one singing(badly) in the choir.

  7. You forgot to mention that it can also result in getting your own way (it butters them up beautifully)!

    Though, give silk, seamed ones a try, I've found they produce better results!!!

    Dita Von Teese SELLS her old ones.....blurgh!

  8. You're so cute! I am one of only a few of your bloggy friends that has probably every actually seen you in "said fishnets" and I am here to tell everyone - they are real and you look fabulous in them!!!!!

    Have a good evening, J - see you - Kellan

  9. What a fun post, and what a fun blog. So glad to have discovered it.

  10. I have always been intimidated by the fishnets, but now I feel I have a better understanding of their power. Thanks for the tip. ;)

    Thanks, too, for your kind words over at my blog. And thanks for introducing yourself - I'll be back!

  11. They ARE your symbol. If I tried them on I would just think of you and feel like a poser. I love your story though :-)

  12. am I abnormal? cos' I didn't think too much into the fishnets, I thought it was 'your' icon.... *wink*

  13. Maybe I should try them and perhaps get my living room furniture I've been wanting?


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