Sunday, November 16, 2008

...because her daddy is kicking her ass

JCK was talking with her father on the phone the other day. It was his birthday. He is now 72. JCK asked her father what kind of day he was having, what he had been up to...and he happened to mention that he had been to his yoga class. YOGA. Her dad. JCK's dad. Yoga. JCK was quite surprised. Not over the fact that her dad was exercising, as he's always kept himself in pretty good shape - still plays tennis once or twice a week and goes to the Y three times a week. No, she was surprised about his exercise choice.




How long have you been doing yoga, Dad?

Oh, about 3 or 4 months.

JCK was quite impressed. At first. And then she started thinking about her dad being 72 and being all exercisey. And her mom, who is amazing and hiked up Mount Washington this past September with JCK's stepdad. Her mom also swims, hikes frequently, and takes dance classes. JCK's mom is 70. And then...JCK started feeling like...

What the fuck, JCK?!

Because....well, JCK has gotten into bad habits. Oh. Yes. She. Has. JCK has basically married her lap top, which is considered bigamy lapomy in this state. E knows about the lap top. He's seen lushness. But, he's not getting in on this. This is JCK's issue. The truth is that JCK is feeling a bit overripe these days. Out of synch with her body. So, she's going to make every effort to start moving her body. And respecting it. And feeding it better. JCK is beginning to realize that chocolate, caffeine and the occasional whiskey do not contain vitamins. Even if her head keeps telling her so.

JCK loves yoga. She is a novice. But, it feels good to her. Believe it or not, JCK was once fairly athletic. She played on a tennis team, she swam... It is time to resurrect that JCK. The one who loves how much taller she feels when she walks out of a yoga class. How connected she feels to her body. How she wants to do it again. JCK is going after THAT feeling. JCK may be heading toward 50 in a few years, but she is still young. Too young to toss away the muscles and curves that could be hers for the taking. She is ready to make a change.

But, what JCK won't tell that she feels quite motivated to make this change because her daddy is kicking her ass. YOGA. Yoga? YOGA. Her 72 year old dad...

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  1. Funny....:) He's kicking mine as well.

  2. Your Dad is making us all look bad! I like yoga and I love pilates but I haven't done either since we moved to Washington two years ago.

  3. Everyone, even old Dads and Military Men and their Cajun friends do yoga these days. Seriously, MM and his friend from Louisiana are going to a yoga class in Iraq. Sooo...of course, not to be out done, I'm going now too.

  4. Wow! its put me to shame.... *head underground now*

  5. My parents put me to shame, also, but your dad wins the prize - YOGA?!

  6. I feel your pain. My parents are in their late 60's and can totally kick my ass. They go to the gym three times a week and practice Tai Chi every day. Meanwhile I've been consoling myself that chasing a four-year-old counts as exercise. Apparently not. :(

  7. he he. i think my grandfather could just about kick my ass. he definately would win on the tennis court!

  8. Come to crossfit...we have a beginning class at 10 on Saturdays....if you come, you will defintiely kick everybody's booty. I am certain of this!! Check out our facility at rocks!!

  9. I think your Daddy just generally kicks ass.

    So do you, must run in the family.

  10. Yeah, but let me see your dad spend a day with your two children AND then do yoga. Huh? Huh?

  11. Oh, my. Hey, I need something to get me motivated. Whatever works, right?

  12. kinda makes me look forward to retirement, all that time to be exercisey!

    count me in. blogging has been the opposite of physically healthy for me. guess I could look for one of those electric walky things with a mount for my laptop?

  13. My 76-year-old stepfather could kick my butt. He doesn't do yoga, but he still maintains his 1 1/2 acre yard all by himself. And he comes here and helps on the house and does as much work as the Mountain Man.
    I'm treating myself to Ali McGraw's yoga video when I order Christmas presents from Amazon. (Liv recommended it.) Because I can get an asthma attack walking upstairs.

  14. If my dad ever did more than lift 12 ounces at a time, I'd wonder who he was and what he'd done with my real dad. He also hates Chinese food because he says it always leaves him hungry. Yoga? Bwwaaahhhhhhahahahah!

    Now that you've got a few random facts about my dad, I want a few random facts about you. Tag, you're it!

  15. I have married my laptop as well. See? Now we're all marrying inatimate objects.

    Your dad....I can only hope to kick my daughter's ass when I'm 72.

  16. Yep, I'm quite married to my computer, too. And my ass to my chair. That marriage is a little less happy than the one that's going on above desk level. (oh, the spread)

    Your dad is totally kicking my ass, too. I'm with you on this one.

    By the way, the picture? Nice guns, JCK.


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