Tuesday, November 4, 2008

When I got to the voting booth, I held her up and traced his name with my finger

I took my daughter with me to vote this morning. We live in a small town and our precinct is a tiny little church around the corner. Everyone was flying high with joy, excitement and HOPE. It was very emotional.

When I got to the voting booth, I held her up and traced his name with my finger.

Barack Obama

Then I punched the ink pen down, piercing the paper.




Oh....I hope, I hope....I hope...

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  1. The right to vote always moves me.

    Enjoy this fresh new morn.

  2. now that the result is out, did you pop your champagne?!!!! *laugh*

  3. Have a wonderful day celebrating the news.

    I have never felt close to a US election before - but I did this time because of blogging. Listening to "ordinary" people talk about it all is far more effective at drawing me in.

  4. We each brought a boy to our polling place as well. They keep singing Baaaraaack Obaaaaaama. I'm singing too.

  5. I allowed extra time in case there was a line at the fire department. There wasn't, but three people did come out as I was going in, which is approximately double the number of people I've seen there at once. DeBoy was asleep on my shoulder but the Queen was very interested in the proceedings. We let her watch the coverage on the internet. I was so impressed with both their speeches, and completely charmed (again) when President-Elect Obama told his girls that they earned the new puppy that will be going with them to the White House.

  6. what a lovely way to show her hope.

  7. I'm going around reading everyone's blog posts, celebrating with all of them! Hurrah!

  8. When my son was small, each election he came with me to the polling place - we'd walk there with the stroller. It was a great way to introduce him to the concept - and also, since we voted in an elementary school gym when he was that age, it was a great way to show a toddler what schools were like, too, and say "someday you'll come here."

  9. It worked! A victory for us all.

  10. And you got it girlfriend, or should I say, we all did! Yipee! What a glorious day in America!


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