Friday, November 7, 2008

And how he took 10 FRIGGIN' days to call!

When we last left our heroine, JCK, she was seen exiting the parking structure of an IBM building.


JCK was feeling quite giddy. In fact, she had butterflies in her stomach and her loins appeared to be radiating heat. All caused from a delicious flirtation with an intriguing man named E. Titillation at an IBM sound stage. Who knew?

10 days went by... JCK was feeling a bit CONFUSED. Certainly this E fellow had appeared sincere in wanting to see her again. Hadn't he? He seemed so nice and had quite a cute ass. And tiny freckles on his nose. She had seen them. The freckles. She was saying almost all this, and more, on the phone to her friend SD from L.A. SD was patiently listening as JCK appeared to go on and on about this E character.

Suddenly the call waiting beeped in.

Hold on SD, I'll be right back.


Is this J?


It's E.K. We met on the IBM industrial shoot?

Oh...hello, JCK said throatily with warmth. Can you hold on just a moment, E? I've got someone on the other line.

Click back over to SD on call waiting.


Poor SD had to get off the line. For the personal safety of her ears.

JCK returned to E on the other line. They chitted and chatted. Perhaps for several minutes. A date was set for dinner. E asked what time JCK would like him to pick her up. JCK, being an independent sort of gal, stated that she would prefer to drive herself. It appeared to throw E off a bit, yet he went with it. They agreed to meet at his apartment, and then go together to the restaurant.

Date night arrived. The weather cooperated. No sleet, snow or rain. JCK wore something feminine. Fishnets were not involved. After all, this was a first date, not an affair.

JCK arrived Chez E. He lived in a quaint two story apartment building. JCK had barely grazed her knuckles across the door, when it was thrust open. E had been waiting. Not really, but this was 15 years ago and JCK's brain is a bit spotty after having children barely 10 months apart and all that.

What JCK does remember is this...

JCK was quite nervous. Imagine her delight when E welcomed her into his apartment, took her coat, and asked her if she'd like a glass of wine. Beautiful music was playing...and not just in her own mind. While he was pouring, JCK noticed that he had prepared a spread... just for her. On the table was a bountiful plate of brie, crackers and red grapes. JCK began to imagine what it would be like to feed E grapes, when she came back to earth and realized he had asked her a question.

Would you like the nickel tour?

Sure. JCK seemed to say that a lot. She was a bit tongue tied around E, but the wine was helping.

E showed her the small kitchen in front and then his bedroom in back. The first thing that JCK noticed, other than the shelves full of books and albums, was the fireplace.

My GOD, he had a bachelor LAIR!

That was where JCK's mind went. E, being the gentleman raised in the south as he was, led her right back out to the wine and cheese area. They nibbled a bit, finished their glass of wine, and left for the restaurant.

E took JCK to a lovely little bistro in an area of Atlanta called Virginia-Highlands. They drank wine, ate some food, and talked. And talked. About many things...politics, JCK's previous life in L.A. and NYC, E's life as an actor in Atlanta, his college years at Carnegie-Mellon, his six months spent living the gypsy actor's life in Europe, and JCK's childhood years in Africa and Beirut, Lebanon. There was a lot to talk about. It flowed quite easily and it wasn't just the wine.

Later, they walked a bit. Talked some more. And decided to get ice cream cones on the corner. All the adult chairs were taken, so E and JCK decided to sit in the small toddler chairs. Luckily for them, their buttocks were youthful and fit quite nicely. They continued to wax eloquently on ...and suddenly... it was quite late. Hours had gone by.

E drove JCK back to his house and walked her to her car. He told her he had had a lovely evening. She did the same. They said goodnight. JCK drove home. There was no carnal knowledge at this time.

That night, JCK had a strange thought. But, it kept pushing its way to the surface and calling to her...

I am going to marry this man.

And on a gloriously beautiful October day in 1995, they did marry.

JCK still likes to tell the story of how they met. And how he took 10 FRIGGIN' days to call!

E likes to tell the story of how he drove off from the IBM parking garage kicking himself because he had gotten the O.K. from JCK to call, yet did not have her telephone number. A minor detail. E did take the matter into his own hands and called her agent, whom he had known for quite some years, and talked him into divulging the much coveted telephone number of JCK.

As to why he took 10 FRIGGIN' days to call? E thought it had only been a few days. As any woman who has been married for several years will tell you have a different sense of time.

This concludes the story of how JCK met E.

This post is for Jason from The Jason Show who wanted more posts containing the words: Carnal Knowledge ...


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  1. Oh, wonderful!! I love the fact that you ate ice cream and sat in the toddler chairs. Portents for the future.....!

    What a charming guy! Lucky you. story, please. When did you start wearing the fishnets??????

  2. What a great little story.

    He should still be paying you back for taking so long to call.

    I would love for you to answer G's question. What is with the fishnets?

  3. Love it! So funny that you were on the other line talking about him when he finally did call. Any man that has music playing and has food prepared when you arrive has to be a catch!

  4. Wow, brie and wine appetizer BEFORE the restaurant. Yep, I'd have married him too. Smart girl, you are. I love the ice cream story.

  5. men! when I met my husband, he just flirted with me for so long, and I could tell he was trying to work up the nerve to ask me out.

    Finally, FINALLY, I felt sorry for the poor sap and asked him out myself.


  6. Shelves full of books and albums are always a good sign. Or they were. I can hardly remember that far back.

    Loved this story!

  7. Somewhere deep in the IBM training vaults lies documentation of your first flirtatious glances .. isn't that thrilling? Did you get a cut of the video? I think that's hilarious. And the wine with brie, my that's impressive. Good catch!!

  8. that's great!

    as for what I want you to write about...

    "JCK's previous life in L.A. and NYC ... and JCK's childhood years in Africa and Beirut, Lebanon"

  9. I want to hear about the next date, and the next, and the next. No carnal knowledge necessary - although a first kiss wouldn't be bad.

    E was and is a gentleman. And a keeper!

  10. WOW! That was hot!!!
    I love the part 1 and I love this part 2 even more! what a treat to be here! Thank you girl! Hmmmm... but somehow, I thought you 2 might had kissed on the first date....


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